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Beauty Favs and Deals | #Maybelline New York, Black Radiance & More

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I must confess … I am a beauty/makeup addict. Proud. Junkie. I cherish my lip gloss, wear mascara and foundation even on rainy days, and have enough headbands to outfit a small army. It’s fun. A great escape. A chance to play dress up. For some, makeup is life. However, life does have a funny way of changing. After losing my 9 to 5 last June, my entire family’s adjusted to our new spending habits. One of the adjustments I made was to regulate my obsessive need for beauty products. Makeup specifically. But how do you persuade a girl to surrender what she loves? You don’t!


You get thrifty.


I am always excited to try new trends, anything with bold colors that seemingly matches my skin tone, or adds a different vibe to my current collection. Last week I picked up some great additions to my mega collection thanks to family, bargain prices, and TJ MAXX (a place where dreams are made).



Check out my favorite beauty products from the past week.





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Maybelline New York BABY LIPS Moisturizing Lip Gloss 2


Maybelline Baby Lips Creamy Gloss, Coral Craze and Fab & Fuchsia: $6/for 2 Target

Kenneth Cole Reaction Pop Hair Art Cosmetic Travel Bag: $7 TJ MAXX

I couldn’t find a description or much information on this particular bag online. However, for seven bucks, I couldn’t pass it up. It’s bold, colorful, kinda nerdy, and so … me. And what girl doesn’t love Baby Lips gloss from Maybelline? MUST-HAVE every time I’m in Target! Don’t forget to check the Cartwheel App from Target for more deals on everything from makeup to clothes or to grab some coupons from their website! More ways to save = More ways to shop






VINCE CAMUTO Amore Perfume Spray


VINCE CAMUTO Amore Perfume: Free as a Gift

I had to put this on the list because it’s one of the best present’s I’ve ever received. This fragrance is divine. Heavenly. The way it was packaged in a glam case (yeah), I assumed Amore by Vince Camuto would smell like some little-old-lady fragrance (granted the person who gave it to me was older). But to my surprise, it’s feminine, soft, and exudes passion. Again … so me.







Black Radiance Artisan Color Baked Blush


Black Radiance Artisan Color Baked Blush Raspberry: $5 Target


Product Details from Website:

Black Radiance Artisan Color Baked Blush is made with a silky-smooth, highly pigmented formula that blends easily and evenly for a natural glow. Highlight, color or contour your cheeks with sheer color, when used dry.


I absolutely love Black Radiance. The colors are bold, show well on my skin, and last as long as some expensive items I’ve purchased in the past. It’s also great that my local Target carries products for people of color or people with darker skin tones (trust me, not many do). Black Radiance is just one of the brands they are here in North Carolina. I’ve also found, Shea Moisture and Iman.





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What about you? What makeup or beauty products/bags did you grab last week?

Tell me your favorite places to bargain shop!