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Accelerate (Hotwired #1) by Tracy Wolff | Review

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Accelerate (Hotwired #1) by Tracy Wolff | ReviewAccelerate by Tracy Wolff
Series: Hotwired #1
Published by: Loveswept, Random House on November 24th 2015
Genres: New Adult, Romance
Pages: 322
Format: eARC
Source: Publisher

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A sexy carjacker takes a would-be starlet for the ride of her life as a pulse-pounding new series from New York Times bestselling author Tracy Wolff begins.

Once the brains behind a car-boosting ring, Nic Medina has spent the last three years playing it straight. Now drag racers flock to his L.A. auto shop, Hotwired, for a shot at going head-to-head with the man himself. But when a crooked cop gives Nic a treacherous ultimatum—steal ten high-end cars or watch his nephew disappear into the system—he makes the only choice he can, one that puts the life he’s worked so hard for at risk. No sooner does Nic agree than he spots some nasty competition—and a gorgeous bystander in harm’s way.

A small-town girl with Hollywood dreams, Jordan Bass never expected to be swept up in a real-life drama. But that’s exactly what happens when she witnesses a violent crime. And when a smoldering stranger takes the wheel and practically kidnaps her in a desperate bid to keep her safe, she’s not sure whether to scream . . . or kiss him. Nic’s bad news—but the real bad guys aren’t above silencing a witness. On a collision course with danger, Jordan finds herself falling for the man whose street smarts are keeping her alive . . . and whose touch puts her in high gear.






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I am very quickly becoming obsessed with Tracy Wolff’s work, and Accelerate can definitely take the blame for that. First in the Hotwired series, Accelerate is fast-paced with plenty of action and romance, not to mention fast cars and dirty cops.


The story follows Jordan and Nic, who meet after a very odd string of events.  After Jordan’s car gets stolen from her, it’s up to her and Nic to find out why a crooked cop is after Jordan’s car so badly.  Oh, and Nic is the one who stole Jordan’s car.  Right before he kidnapped Jordan for knowing too much about who he is.  Like I said, an odd string of events.  But once the two team up, along with the rest of Nic’s crew who works at Hotwired, there’s no stopping them from getting to the bottom of things.


Jordan is a woman who has some severe trust/intimacy issues, and for good reason.  As a survivor of a sexual assault a few years back, it’s completely understandable that she wouldn’t exactly be cozying up to Nic, even if he is smokin’ hot.  The thing is, she finds herself wanting to trust Nic, and wanting to be intimate with him.  Something about him just breaks down all the walls she’s built around herself, and it’s going to take some getting used to.


Nic has a past of his own.  After his parents died, he did his best to raise his younger sister and brother, but a cop got him thrown in jail for lifting cars, although he used less than legal means to do so.  Now, Nic is trying to make up for the damage that he feels he caused.  For getting his siblings tossed into the system, for his sister having to raise her son by herself, for his brother’s anger.  Nic has made it his life goal to protect everyone he loves, including his crew at the shop.  And once Jordan gets dragged into what he feels is his mess, she becomes one more person who needs his protection.


First of all, I got a lot of Fast & Furious vibes from this novel, which I loved.  The crew that works at Hotwired, Nic’s shop for fixing and upgrading cars, are more than just his coworkers.  They really are his family, and he would lay down his life to protect them.  While I love how protective Nic is, there were definitely a couple of times I felt like he was being a little too alpha male, but the instances were few and far between.  And I loved Jordan.  I felt so terrible for what she had gone through, but I feel like she tried so hard not to let it define her, and not to let the past control the rest of her life, which I thought was really admirable.  There honestly wasn’t a single character in this book I didn’t like, aside from the baddies of course.


If you’ve read any of Wolff’s other novels, you know what to expect from the writing style.  If not, it’s fast-paced, never a dull moment, wonderful characters, and very steamy scenes.  I give this one 5 out of 5 controllers.  If you’re a fan of romance with some action thrown into it, or just a fan of fantastic books, definitely pick this one up.


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About Tracy Wolff

New York Times bestselling author Tracy Wolff lives in Texas and teaches writing at her local community college. She is married and the mother of three young sons.