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He Said/She Said Review: Bulletstorm




Enjoy the first He Said/She Said game review at Mother/Gamer/Writer with special guest, Steve (aka U BE ILLIN on XBL).  He is one of the hosts of  the Truthfully Geeking Podcast at



She Said:

Have you ever wanted a game that is just stupid fun? You know the kind of fun that allows you to play for hours and hours without ever noticing that you have missed school/work, there are no groceries in the fridge, and the mail is stacked up in a completely organized mess on the coffee table. If you answered HECK YEAH, then you need to pick up Bulletstorm! The action packed First Person Shooter from Epic Games (yeah those guys that made Gears of War).

Unlike some female gamers (no I did not say ALL female gamers don’t like shooters, I said some), I enjoy a great FPS. I thrive on finding games that allow me to kill as many enemies as possible from aliens and terrorists, to mutants and zombies, and more creatively designed aliens. Heck if I could i would live with Master Chief fighting along beside him on the streets of New Mombasa. A great game is a great game no matter what type of game it is, and Bulletstorm is just that, a great game.

First off let me explain that this game is not for the weak-minded, kids, or adults who hate cursing. This game is catered to those of us who just want to sit down and have OMG moments, LOL funny moments, and ROFLMAO moments, coupled with extreme over-the-top action. Graphically this game is great. For those of us who own 360’s, you know that graphics can go either way. I am glad to say that Epic did not hold anything back on this game. The scenery is definitely a breath of fresh air. It’s nice to see a game every now and then that takes advantage of bright colors (I’m a girl colors are my thing). Somehow they even pulled off making the inside of a crashing spaceship look bright and alluring. It all just makes it look that much better when you are blowing things up and destroying everything in your path.

Which brings me to my next point, Skillshots. Who doesn’t love earning points by killing creatures creatively? It adds a whole new meaning to “killing with style”. Don’t sleep on this people! In order to play the game the way it was meant to be played, you must earn Skillshots. The entire game is built around this system. By earning Skillshots you can trade your points in to buy and upgrade your weapons, which everyone knows is tremendously important in a shooter. So take your time, line up your shots, plot them out in advance, or if you die just try it again. You will experience a different kind of fun with each new level as you use the environments to your advantage creating unique and hilarious Skillshots.

So what did I like?:

1. Skillshots
2. Hilarious Entertainment
3. Skillshots
4. Scenery & Bright Colorful Graphics
5. Replayability




He Said:


Like many other gamers in the world, I started drooling the minute I saw the very first gameplay trailer of Bulletstorm. When I saw the graphics, I was instantly reminded of the dozens of hours of fun I had with the Gears of War games. The insane dialogue reminded of the jaw dropping comments made by Duke Nukem. I saw the gameplay and it reminded me of the good old days of trying to beat my friend’s high scores in my neighborhood arcade. Judging these characteristics, I wondered how they would blend all of this together with the over the top action and make a game I would like to play.

If you have played any of the Gears of War games you will feel right at home with the graphics. Giant set pieces and huge boss battles are abundant and beautifully done. All the male characters have extremely huge muscles that will make most men that play it feel a little less manly. In an amazing twist, the female lead character is not even overly sexy. While it seems that most developers nowadays think that the fewer clothes a female in a video game is wearing the more bulletproof they are, as a guy I sometimes appreciate that sexist mentality when playing some games. I’m a guy, I can’t help it. But this one is the exception where less is more and it works.

If you didn’t notice the big ESRB M rating on the cover it won’t take you long to figure out that Bulletstorm is not for kids. This game has more curse words then a Kevin Smith movie. While most of the dialogue is there simply for shock value it works well. There were many times that I would intentionally die after I heard a line I found funny just so I could hear it again. There is just something I find funny about somebody threatening to kill someone’s d**k. Yeah, I know. I laughed more in this game then I have in a very long time. If you are not a fan of toilet humor play another game.

The gameplay is just as mature as the dialogue. You will kill your enemies in some of the most creative ways I have ever seen since I played the first Mortal Kombat. From using your leash to impale an enemy on environmental objects, setting them on fire, blowing their heads off and even cutting them in half Bulletstorm will have you replaying levels over and over just to see how many different ways you can kill and how high of a score you can get. With skillshots like Toxic Love, Sausage Fest, Stomach Pump and hundreds of others. Trying to do all of these will undoubtedly add hours of gameplay.
The biggest flaw this game suffers from is the length. After about 7 hours it was over and I wanted more. There is a lot of replay value with trying to do all the skillshots and even trying to get a high score on the leaderboards so don’t let the length of the game keep you from enjoying this solid game.

So what did Steve Like?:

1. Humor
2. Skillshots
3. Replayability
4. Humor
5 . Humor




What WE said:


Bulletstorm FTW!!! 9.0