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Nerd in Real Life: Must-Have Geeky Fall Fashion + #SaveTheUndies With U (#FreeSamples)

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Nerd in (Really) Real Life is a feature here at Lasers ~N~ Lipstick where I get to (epically) geek out with Nerdy Finds I track down in real life. Whether I’m putting together nerdy outfits for my favorite movies and comics, or scavenging for geeky finds in my local shops, Nerd in (Really) Real Life will have something for everyone!





In this edition of Nerd in (Really) Real Life, I’m discussing some of my favorite fall geeky/nerdy must-haves and how we can keep it all together through those rough “Time of the Month” episodes by saving our undies!





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My favorite accessory in the fall…SOCKS!



nerd socks


Mod Cloth has some of the most amazing bookish nerdy socks! This website is brand new to me however, I’ve been surfing their online catalog like a mad woman. If you are looking for trendy socks to add to your wardrobe or to simply wear with your favorite fall skirt, this is where you can find them.





Next on my list of EPIC MUST-HAVES are Totes!



banned book tote
Can you really go anywhere without a cute little tote? Purses are cool and usually a necessity, but for those days you want to show your geek card and just want to pick up a bag and head out the door, totes are definitely the way to go! (Shop the Jane Eyre Tote at Mod Cloth  or shop the Banned Book Tote at Amazon)

jane eyre tote





Print Dresses are always a fall MUST-HAVE!



cat print dress


Reminiscent of Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter, this intoxicating cat dress is sure to make a sweet fashion statement. Add cute socks, a scarf, or cardigan to complete the look. (Shop Mew-seum-Visit-Dress at Mod Cloth)





A Signature Sweater…don’t mind if I do…


Every nerdy wardrobe is bound to have a geek/nerd/nostalgia inspired sweater. Whether you’re sporting a hoodie or an all-over print sweater, people will be talking, in a good way of course! (Shop the Charlie Brown Sweater from Forever 21)

charlie brown sweater






Which leads me to…Keeping it Fresh, Simple & Sleek with U!


save the undies 1 copy



Now comes the fun part. How can a girl stay fashionably cute during those dreaded “monthly visits”? Simple, the all-new U by Kotex. With its sleek new look and curved design, the new U is sure to keep you dry and satisfied this fall. No need to hide the ugly packaging any longer ladies because U has you covered. With eye-catching colors such as bright purple and neon green, you no longer have to cringe when opening your purse in front of your friends.


save the undies 2 copy



Where do I sport my new U products? Besides my purse, they can be seen tagging along in my pocket. Funny thing is (or should I say AMAZING thing is), you can barely tell they are there even in skinny jeans! That’s a Win-Win in my book!  Kotex has always been my favorite brand and with their new PerfectTouch® grip”, and “smooth tip” tampons there is no way I will ever use anything else!



save the undies 3 copy saves the undies 4 copy




Want to give this awesome new product a try? Then head on over to the U by Kotex site and grab a pack of free samples. I promise you won’t be disappointed!




Now Go Forth And Show Us Your Nerd Card!



Disclosure: Lasers N Lipstick, Mother/Gamer/Writer was giving a sample of this product from Crowdtap. Big thanks to U by Kotex for sponsoring today’s discussion on LNL.