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Macy’s Makeup Haul: Featuring Urban Decay and MAC

seanna box macys haul


The one thing I love more than video games and reading is makeup! Playing around with new colors and trying new looks has always been a passion of mine. For me, makeup is like a second skin and I feel naked without it. No, I don’t wear it every day, and sometimes my only accessory is mascara and lip gloss. However, when I’m in a Glam-It-Up mood, I go all out with highly pigmented eye shadows and rich shades of lipstick. Love, love, LOVE it!





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Before this makeup haul, I did a ton of research on several of the products before I purchased anything. I was in need of a few basics: foundation, powder, eye shadow for darker skin, and brow pencils. My foundation and face powder I’ve been using for almost a year. So far, I really like both of them, though neither really combats oily skin. I do have to apply touch-ups and blot about twice a day. This to me is not bad considering a few years ago I was using a different foundation and touching up about five times a day. So, I am sticking with these two products for now. This shipment came in two separate boxes.




First box…



Urban Decay Naked Skin Liquid Makeup (Shade 12) – $39.00


urban decay naked skin foundation shade 12

urban decay naked skin foundation


Like I said, I’ve been using Naked Skin for about eight months. It’s been very difficult to match my skin tone. Usually, foundation is just not dark enough, especially brands that come from drug stores. I actually found this foundation by accident. One day I was bored at the mall and stumbled into a Sephora (yes, this was my first time). The sales women were really nice and needed people to sit down and try out their new Skin ID system that’s made to match a person to their special brand of foundation.  I had nothing to lose and I really, really, needed something new. So, I sat down,  they ran the tiny machine over my face, and seconds later I had about 15 different foundations matched to my skin.


Urban Decay Naked Skin was my first choice. From the description it seemed perfect. Lightweight, oil-free, and the reviews were almost all 4 or 5 stars. I purchased a bottle and have been using it ever since!  And really, it does make my face feel naked.





Second box…




MAC Eye Brows (Shade – Stud) – $16.00

MAC Pro Longwear Waterproof Brow Set (Shade – Brown Ebony) – $17.00


brow crayon and brow set gel

I’ll be the first to admit that I have thin brows. Yeah, they just won’t grow thick. So, yes, I use some type of product to fill them in. I researched both brow products before I bought them. I’ve always used a brow pencil from Maybelline but either they’ve stopped making my shade or stores just don’t carry it anymore because I can no longer find it anywhere (*insert sad face*).

I read the reviews on both of these and even asked for recommendations. Both came highly recommended.






Urban Decay Electric Pressed Pigment Palette – $49.00


urban decay electric pressed pigment eyeshadow


This Electric Pigment Palette came highly recommended. As a dark skinned girl, it’s hard to find eye shadow that shows up vividly on your eyes. Since I was going to get a free gift for purchasing this item and I had a coupon, I couldn’t resist!





MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural (Shade- Dark Deepest) – $32.00


MAC mineralize face powder

I’ve been using this powder for a while now. It wasn’t my first choice but after my favorite loose powder was discontinued I had to find something new. This one was also a recommendation.







Urban Decay b6 Vitamin-Infused Complexion Prep Spray, 4.0 fl oz (Regular Price – $33.00)

7-Day Eye Shadow Kit + Primer

Cosmetic Bag

Perfume Samples

urban decay free gift and b6 spray

goodie bag 2

I really, really wanted this b6 spray! I’m ALWAYS trying to find something to get rid of my oily skin. So I hope this works (please makeup gods, let this work)!!!! I also got two goodie bags of free perfume samples and a small cosmetic bag! That’s why I love shopping at Macy’s for makeup; you always can get free stuff!





Everything Unboxed…


macys unboxed all 2





Finally, I put the eye shadow to the test. Guess what readers … IT ROCKED SO HARD! Yes, I highly recommend this palette to any darker skinned girl (and to everyone else) who wants something a little crazy and a little bold. I did use a primer before I applied the shadow (Smashbox Brand) and it stayed on all day!  I will definitely be purchasing more of this Urban Decay shadow!

me new eyeshadow urban decay