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Kleenex is Handy Everywhere: #Kleenex Product Sampling! #Crowdtap #KLEENEXBRANDBELIEVERS

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Kleenex® Brand Tissue Sampling

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Recently I was selected to participate in the Kleenex Brand Believers Sampling from Crowdtap. I’d been on vacation for five days and my package arrived while I was gone. Oh, how I wish I had those soft, durable tissues on my trip to the beach. Anyway, I was ecstatic to receive my package, and even more so that I was able to get one of the regular size Kleenex boxes instead of a travel size. I LOVE, LoVe, LOOOOOOVE choosing colorful Kleenex boxes to go around my home. They always seem to add a little flare to the space no matter what color the room is or where it’s placed. My box is a speckled brown and white design by the awesome designer Isaac Mizrahi (and if you haven’t check out his shoes ladies, they are fabulous!).  Check out how I used my box around my home:





Kneenex tissues and flowers  2 copy



Oh look how pretty it is right out of the box!






Kleenex good book copy

Keep them handy in case you read a great emotional story!



Kleenex tissues always come in handy if I’m reading an emotional story for my blog Mother/Gamer/Writer! Sometimes the story is so amazing it makes me cry, pitch a fit, or just get overly excited.







Kleenex on bed



My daughter has asthma and allergies, so I always keep a box near my bed in case of emergencies!







Kleenex hallway

Keep a box of Kleenex where people can easily find them!



kleenex hallway 4

No place like home…



kleenex hallway 5

Looks cute right?



I decided to give this new box a home right in the center of the action in my house.






Verdict: I love this box of Kleenex! Actually, I find all their boxes pretty cute. Even in my car they come in handy for little spills and messes my four year old daughter makes daily. So, how do you use your Kleenex?






Disclosure: LasersNLipstick & Mother/Gamer/Writer received this product for free from Crowdtap to sample.