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Mall Haul #1: Charlotte Russe, Macy’s, & Victoria’s Secret

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If you haven’t guessed these posts are about my epic adventures in shopping! I’ve always been the type of person to buy something on sale rather than full price, and lately it seems I’ve become addicted to online shopping too. From Amazon to New York & Company, my UPS man is at my door at least four times a month. Yes, I have a problem. Someone please…help me. Ha! No, really, why pass up a good bargain? My motto is, “If it’s on sale it’s probably worth it“. In each Mall Haul post you will get a glimpse at my purchases from various retailers…heck you might even see my closet.  🙂  And if you want to see more, check out my Amazon Haul and Retail Haul Posts!






Haul Stores This Weekend:


mall hall 1 banner





Macy’s & Victoria’s Secret…


Macy’s was having an unbelievable sale. My first intention was to get a few swimsuits for an upcoming beach trip. My sister has tried to tell me and of course I wouldn’t listen, so now I have to admit she was right. Girls who are blessed with a large chest areas can NOT shop in regular stores. I guess I’m still in denial about my larger than life chest that’s the result of being pregnant. In any case, I did not find a swimsuit in this store but I did however snag a cute cover up, two bikini bottoms, a dress for $7.00,  and a nice Batman shirt! And who doesn’t LOVE Batman!?



black and white dress

Dress: $7.00 @Macy’s Sale
Check out the beautiful detail



pink and purple swimsuit

Top: Victoria’s Secret
Bottom: Macy’s


stripped swimsuit

Top: Victoria’s Secret
Bottom: Macy’s


batman shirt

Top: Macy’s Find $8.00


orange swimsuit cover

Swimsuit Cover: Macy’s Sale $10.00


I even took a few selfie’s….



selfies mall hall

Duck face 🙂



Victoria’s Secret is where I hit the jackpot (ah, my younger sister is so wise). Here is where I found the perfect top– and by perfect I mean perfect fit, color, and style! Gah! I’m addicted. Who knew that having a swimsuit to match your actual bra size would fit and feel so much better? Well, obviously not the girl who buys everything on sale or really cheap. From now on though, I won’t be for something as important as a bikini.




swimsuit pink

Top: Victoria’s Secret





striped swimsuit top

Top: Victoria’s Secret







Charlotte Russe…


black and orange skirt

Skirt: $19.99


Now I can’t go to the mall without going into my favorite store. Charlotte Russe to me is the epitome of Bohemian Chic. I love everything about this store and I always come out with something. This time my goal was Maxi Skirts. They had a TON. I decided on a black/white/orange/blue pattern skirt. It has two slits on either side and looks absolutely amazing on. I did go down a size to small so it fit better in the waist. This pic doesn’t do it justice!







Technically Target is not at the mall, but instead of doing a whole separate post for one store I decided to lump it in with the rest of my haul. I do have a Target addiction. I can’t go into this store without getting at least one item! During this trip I came out with three: a skirt and two pairs of nude colored shoes!


shoes mall hall 1



brown and orange pattern skirt





Well, that’s it for this haul! Did you get anything awesome over the weekend?

mall hall all 1

Here’s a pic of everything minus the Batman shirt…totally forgot about it. LOL