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Nerd in Real Life: Captain America The Winter Soldier Cosplay (Style, #Fashion)

me captain america 1


Nerd in (Really) Real Life is a feature here at Lasers ~N~ Lipstick where I get to (epically) geek out with Nerdy Finds I track down in real life. Whether I’m putting together nerdy outfits for my favorite movies and comics, or scavenging for geeky finds in my local shops, Nerd in (Really) Real Life will have something for everyone!





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A few weeks ago, my sister and I attended Animazement in Raleigh, NC. Animazement takes place every Memorial Day weekend and over the span of three days, nerd, geeks, anime and comic lovers, gamers and general lovers of all things sci-fi and fantasy come together to express their inner nerd. Last year I ordered a costume from Amazon and went as a rather sexy Thor. This year however, I put my inner nerd to the test and decided to create my own custom costume. I wanted to wear something I’d spent time working on so I could say I had that experience. In this post I’ll share with you my half-made half-purchased Captain America the Winter Soldier Cosplay.











The Shield…


The shield was by far the hardest part. If I screwed it up then the whole outfit would essentially fall apart. So, I spent an entire week constructing the perfect shield. And let me say, it was an EPIC HIT at the convention!



I used an old cardboard box from a recent Macy’s purchase as the base for my shield. I drew an outline of the shield, free-handed mind you, and the cut it out with a box cutter and trimmed the edges with scissors.




captain america cut shield box

Yes, it was a little rough at first…



The materials I used: Heirloom Red Paint Sample from Lowes hardware, Royal Blue Paint Sample from Lowes Hardware, red and blue glitter $3.00 each from Walmart, and paint brushes from a previous project.



red and blue glitter


red paint


blue paint



painted captain america shield



Though I didn’t take a picture of it, I used red duct tape and lined the back of the shield twice before I painted it. I also used scraps of cardboard to create 2 handles.  Lastly after it was completely painted, I added glitter and stars.  NOOb tip: Hot glue over glitter does not work…glue first — then glitter. Or you will be scrapping off glitter to get the stars to stick (like I did). 



captain america me, shield close up






The Hat….

My hat went through a similar process. I paid $4.00 for a velvet cowboy hat at Walmart, $2.00 for some stencils, and used some old white paint I had. I taped down the A and painted over it twice. Then I put white glitter (similar to the ones above) over top of the paint and let it dry.



painted captain america hat

I even hot glued a star to the back of the hat so it wouldn’t be so plain.







The Costume…


All items, with the exception of my boots which were a Christmas present and blue leggings which were purchased at Forever21 for $3.00, were purchased from Amazon. ( Bodysuit $17.00Corset $17.00Team USA Leg Warmers $7.99Red Gloves $7.00)



me captain america 2





Verdict: I spent roughly $60.00 on the completed look, which in hindsight is about the same price I would have paid if I purchased a costume. EVERYONE loved it! I took so many pictures with people it was crazy! I think I was officially a BADA$$! 🙂