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DIY Furniture: Old Book Stand to Modern Treasure

book stand black and white

Don’t you just love it when a relative randomly gives you an awesome piece of furniture? Something so spectacular that you didn’t realize you needed it until it fit perfectly with your decor?  Well, recently my grandmother gave me an old magazine/book stand she’s had for decades. When I first saw it, I knew immediately where it would go and how it would look. My bedroom had three stacks of books on the floor. Some for review, others I purchased, and some I brought upstairs for inspiration in my own writing. I will freely admit I have a problem. A book ADDICTION. And though I love my books like a mother bear loves her cubs, they looked awful just piled on my floor. So, when I received this book stand I knew exactly what to do.




Check out the results of my grandmothers old hand-me-down…








(To learn more about the types of paint, primer, brushes, and general set up for painting I used please read my previous post: DIY Furniture: Drab Nightstand to Bohemian Blue Treasure. I used the same methods and paint.)








book stand no paint


It’s really not much to look at right now, but just wait for it…








book stand painted



The roll of blue polka dot burlap I purchased at Walmart for $4 bucks. I couldn’t decide how to tie it so for now it will stay like this.



book stand final look 1

Here is the recently DIY’ed night stand and book stand together.




book stand final look 3




The entire room is starting to come together. If you recall, my bedroom theme is  “Rustic Bohemian”. Basically I am attempting to mesh together Bohemian chic and with modern rustic. I want to give my bedroom a “country” feel with an eye catching color palate. I plan to paint three walls in a sea foam color and have an accent wall behind my headboard in coral. The rest of the accents will be coral, mahogany or dark brown, light blues and white.  I can’t believe how fantastic the colors mesh with each other. I purchased my comforter set at Macy’s a few weeks ago. I wasn’t sure if it was the right color of coral but after I opened it and put it on my bed, it just felt and looked so right! 







Look Where I Hid Some Books…




nightstand with books

Because you can NEVER have too many books…









Total cost for this project: $4 bucks. Since I reused the same paint, primer, brushes and basically everything else the only thing I paid for was the burlap. And I plan to use more of it in other projects. 🙂