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Let’s Coupon With Apps: Target Cartwheel, Flipp, Coupon Keeper 2, & Walgreens

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I’m no stranger to using coupons. In fact, I LOVE them with a passion. However, since purchasing my first home in October (go me!), I’ve decided that I NEED to save. And by save I need to cut my grocery, household bills – hopefully – in half. I’ve researched for days to find money-saving tips from successful shoppers and bloggers around the web. Now, I know this is going to take practice and a lot of trial and error on my part since this is the first time I’m going to attempt to only buy what I have coupons for and stock up on items when they are super cheap and/or free. In any case, I’ve decided to blog my progress to keep myself on track and to hopefully help and encourage others who also want to join in on the Great Couponing Adventure!







Apps, Apps, Apps

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In my last post about couponing, I discussed how to get started, what seemed to work for me, and general information I found while doing some research. Now, it’s been roughly six weeks since I began my new couponing journey and I want to talk about the apps I’ve come to love.







Flipp – I can search all the weekly ads for my local grocery stores and retailers without ever having to get a newspaper or go in the store. But be warned, this app is so ADDICTIVE! And it’s still by far my FAVORITE App!

Description From The Website: Flipp is the easiest way to browse flyers and save money. Quickly browse the brands you love, clip items straight to your shopping list, and highlight top deals …


Flipp app

How I Use Flipp: I use Flipp in combination with a few other apps. First I will check the flyers on Flipp for deals, then I will look for those deals or deals that can be combined with whatever is on sale by using the Target Cartwheel or Walgreens app, which helps to narrow down my focus for grocery (or other) shopping. I even check deals at Best Buy, Big Lots, Dollar Tree and Dollar General. Heck anywhere I think I might want to shop.
With Flipp you can also save your favorite flyers, search for flyers, and clip sections of a particular flyer you want to remember/buy/come back to later. It’s easy to use, never crashes, and is constantly updated so you never miss a thing.





Coupon Keeper 2



Coupon Keeper 2 OMG this app is AMAZING! It allows you to scan all your coupons into the system and it tracks expiration dates, the categories (which are customizable so you can match them to your binders!!!) and it totals up your savings. I did upgrade to the PRO version because there is a limit to the number of coupons you can scan. This way, I’m not flipping through my binder 24/7 or writing down what coupons I have and when they will expire. I highly recommend using it to save LOADS of time. The only downside is you cannot get the coupons on multiple devices. I hope they find a way to let me synchronize them between iPad and iPhone soon! *fingers crossed*

Description From iTunes: Coupon Scanner, Organizer and Reminder, this All-in-One coupon tracking app will make your life easier. Scan or type coupon’s barcode and let “Coupon Keeper 2” handle the rest for you.


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How I Use Coupon Keeper 2: For me, Coupon Keeper 2 has been a godsend! I scan EVERY coupon I collect into the app and use it frequently while shopping. I can search for coupons, add new ones quickly, and archive any that expire. It’s a simple way to keep track of everything without pulling out my binder every five minutes to see if I have a coupon for something on sale. Once you scan a coupon, the app automatically pulls all the information from the coupon, including the description, product image, dollar amount of coupon, and category, into the app.





Store Coupons: Target Cartwheel & Walgreens


target cartwheel


Target Cartwheel: Target Cartwheel, a whole new spin on coupons. Find & share the best deals in all your favorite categories: grocery, baby, apparel, health & beauty & more. (description from website)


How I Use Cartwheel: Target Cartwheel is awesome! I’d heard about this app long before I ever decided to use it. I would have never even downloaded Cartwheel if one of the cashiers at the store had not told me that Cartwheel coupons can be combined with manufactures coupons. Talk about double the savings! And for someone who shops at Target almost once a week (yeah I have a problem) this app comes in handy. Heck, I’ve even used it when I purchased my garden supplies for my Outdoor Adventures. The savings on the app per coupon range from 5% to (from what I’ve seen) 20%. Throw in a manufactures coupon and sometimes you are purchasing items for practically nothing! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!







Walgreens Mobile App: Find big savings and exclusive deals in the Weekly Ad. Clip paperless coupons to your Balance® Rewards card. . (description from website)


How I Use The Walgreens App: Shopping at Walgreens was recommended to me by a fellow blogger who is also a coupon master. I’ve never considered shopping for anything at a drugstore before and did not realize they even sold groceries. Who knew? Walgreens has a decent app where you can grab coupons, fill prescriptions, edit and purchase photos, and check your rewards points. I mostly use the app to clip coupons straight to my rewards card. Which, cuts out the middle man of actually having to present physical coupons in the store at check out.





Other Notable Apps



coupons dot com app

Coupons.com App: The best coupons and codes anywhere! Saving made simple – any type of purchase, online or in stores. (description from iTunes)


How I Use Coupons.com App: Coupons.com is one of the major online sources for printable coupons. Their app is also very useful. I can search for coupons and send them to my email to be printed later or wirelessly print them to my printer. The only downside, is that the coupons have to be printed. Unlike Target Cartwheel, these coupons are no scannable on your phone. Which to me is an inconvenience because I print so many already. It would be nice if they at some point in the near future allow scannable barcodes on the phone. However, for now I will continue to use it because it does save me time from searching for coupons on the computer.







I’m sure there are more (probably hundreds) of couponing apps out there on the web waiting to be downloaded. But these are the ones I’ve discovered and find most helpful for someone who is in the beginning stages of couponing. They are all simple and require no real learning curve. I highly recommend each of them and I’m always looking for more! So bring on the suggestions!!!