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DIY Furniture: Drab Nightstand to Bohemian Blue Treasure

DIY: Drab Nightstand to Bohemian Blue Treasure


diy nightstand 1


It’s been five months since I purchased my new home. Five long months of agonizing over color schemes, where to put what, how to remodel the bathroom, “do I really want to paint every room myself?”, please Lord let me just make it through one room renovation at a time, and what have I gotten myself into? However, it has also been a glorious experience; knowing that I have complete control over something so massive with so much hidden potential. It is exciting. Thrilling. It’s nerve-racking. The whole home buying process was an extraordinary experience from beginning to the bittersweet end. The biggest challenge was always: “where would I live”? Now that the question has been answered (and lots of prayers have been answered too), other, more amazing questions have formed.


A few of the questions such as the bathroom remodel, I’ve had a difficult time discovering the correct answer. I know what I like. I know what will look “good” in the space. But there are several different avenues I can take for this renovation, and for a task of that magnitude, I need to be certain I will be content with whatever direction I chose. Needless to say, the 1970’s bathroom will not get a makeover just yet. Thankfully, though I’ve finally settled on a color scheme and design for my bedroom!


The inspiration for my bedroom is “Rustic Bohemian”. Basically I am attempting to mesh together Bohemian chic and with modern rustic. I want to give my bedroom a “country” feel with an eye catching color palate. I plan to paint three walls in a sea foam color and have an accent wall behind my headboard in coral. The rest of the accents will be coral, mahogany or dark brown, light blues and white. These ideas lead me to my first DIY experiment: The Dreadful Nightstand.



For my first college apartment, my grandmother graciously purchased a full bedroom suit for me, which I’ve always adored. Now that I’m a “grown up”, I wanted to transform this suit (that has sustained some scratches and dents over the years), into a beautiful masterpiece. My intentions are to paint the nightstand (which is what this post is about) blue and place it against the coral wall and then paint my dresser coral and place it against one of the blue walls. That way I will have a mix of colors on both sides of the room. I’m not sure how easy I expected painting to be (because I’ve never done it before) but I absolutely loved this project.




Things I Wish I Knew Beforehand…My N00b Tips
DIY N00b TIP: Clear liners are better at staying in place.

DIY N00b TIP: If you can, get wooden blocks or something to elevate whatever it is you are trying to paint. Trust me.

DIY N00b TIP: Make sure the coats are not too thick. I made the mistake of not making the paint thin enough of  on the drawers. After they dried and I tried to place them back in the stand, one would not fit. I had to sand it back down and paint it over.








  • Valspar Ultra Paint + Primer (Satin Finish)
  • Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Primer For All Surface
  • Paint Brushes of Various sizes (Check out the Home Depot Brush Guide)
  • Shower Curtain Liners
  • Sandpaper





The Setup:


My Kitchen has a huge open space before you get to the steps that lead downstairs. I decided to set up shop here because it seemed like the place I would make the least amount of mess. I purchased two shower curtain liners from Dollar General and placed them across the floor. DIY N00B TIP: The clear liners were the best at staying in place; not sure why, but the white ones kept slipping and I kept sliding every time I can near it – which became a huge headache. For future projects, I will only get the cheap clear liners.





The Nightstand Before:


diy nightstand before


You can tell its ten years old. One of the handles is even broken. And the brown, just, no.







Step 1: Sand it down…


Even if you don’t want to, this can come back to bite you in the arse. Sanding makes the surface smooth and removes any old paint.





Step 2: Primer


I primed the heck outta this nightstand. My brush of choice was a 3” straight edged. From my research around the web (which you must always research the project you are about to attempt, especially if you’ve never tried it before), every website said I needed primer. What is primer? In a nutshell, primer is a preparatory coat of paint that allows for better adhesion of paint to surfaces. It also increases paint durability and minimizes the chance of clumps and lumpiness.  Here is what my nightstand looked like all primed up…


diy nightstand primer


I applied two coats of primer and allowed it to dry for 4 hours. It’s recommended to allow for 24hrs of dry time, but I’m a mom with a 4 year-old, I needed to get this done before she came home. And I had no problems with the 4 hours drying time. Also, make sure the room is well ventilated. The smell wasn’t as strong as I imagined but to some it may be very pungent.





Step 3: Paint


diy nightstand valspar paint



Valspar Ultra Paint + Primer in Shade 5004-7C Sea Seeker

Sea Seeker is the color I chose for my three blue walls. Therefore, it was going to be the same color of my nightstand to accent the coral wall. As far as painting goes, I did the drawers first. Using a medium size paintbrush, I added one coat and with a small artistic brush, I painted all the little nooks and crannies. After I painted both drawers, I moved on to the actual stand. This was a bit trickier. DIY N00B TIP: If you can, get wooden blocks or something to elevate whatever it is you are trying to paint. I wish someone had told me this sooner. It was very difficult to paint the legs of the stand and most of the time I found myself lying on the floor trying to get paint on the various angels. But after an hour and a half of trying to reach every corner of the stand, I managed to get it painted. DIY N00b TIP: Make sure the coats are not too thick. After they dried and I tried to place them back in the stand, one would not fit. I had to sand it back down and paint it over.






Step 4: Let It Dry


DIY nightstand 2



I think this is by far the hardest step. I was dying to see how everything would turn out and waiting hours upon hours for it to dry almost drove me crazy.






Step 5: Marvel Over Your Beautiful Work


DIY nightstand finished


For the finishing touches I added rustic colored knobs to match the rest of the décor. I’ve not placed it in my room yet because I still have to paint the walls. But as you can see it turned out quite nicely. Overall, I completed this project in one day. Painting was not as complicated as I expected, but it was a tedious endeavor and one that I’m now more prepared for. My previous N00b tips are a testament to my learning. I’m very pleased with the finial look of the piece and the sea foam color is so beautiful! I can’t wait to see how it looks on my walls. I consider my first project an absolute success!