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Audiobook Review: Holiday Man (Sweet #3) by Marilyn Brant

I received this book for free from the mentioned source in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book nor the content of my review.

Audiobook Review: Holiday Man (Sweet #3) by Marilyn BrantHoliday Man by Marilyn Brant
Series: Sweet #3
Published by: Twelfth Night Publishing on November 10th 2012
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Contemporary Romance
Pages: 187
Format: Audiobook
Source: Audible for Review

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About the Book:

A Year of Holidays...

Shannon Quinn is the small-town girl who runs "Holiday Quinn" -- a holiday-themed inn and resort based in scenic Door County, Wisconsin.

One winter evening, wealthy Minneapolis businessman, Bram Hartwick, blows into town along with the fast-falling snow. The sparks Bram and Shannon create succeed in heating up the chilly Midwestern night, not to mention plenty of holiday weekends in the year that follows...

But is their relationship only for special occasions, or might it be the elusive everyday love that neither one thought could be found?

Adult-content rating: This book contains content considered unsuitable for young readers 17 and under, and which may be offensive to some readers of all ages.






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Holiday Man is a romance novel by Marilyn Brant, with the audiobook version narrated by Erica McKendrick.  The story follows Shannon Quinn, owner of the aptly named Holiday Quinn, and Bram Hartwick, a wealthy owner of his own line of bath products.  Based loosely on the movie Holiday Inn (which I’m sad to admit I haven’t actually seen).  I’m also sad to admit that I would not recommend picking up Holiday Man.


I wanted so hard to like this book.  It had a great premise.  Shannon Quinn runs the inn founded by her grandparents, one that is open only on the holidays.  She lives in a small town, and is warm and friendly.  Everyone at the inn loves her, and her assistant Jake is crazy about her, something that Shannon is completely oblivious to.  Bram Hartwick is a businessman who initially visits Holiday Quinn on Valentine’s day, a holiday he was supposed to spend with his wife until they got divorced (it might have just been his girlfriend, I don’t actually remember).  Shannon and Bram begin flirting at the Valentine’s Day dance at the inn, and they hit it off right away.


I loved the idea of this book.  Each chapter takes place on a different holiday, the whole book spanning a year.  However, I hated both characters, I didn’t feel there was any plot, and I didn’t buy that the two of them had actually fallen in love at any point in the story.  First of all, it seems as though their entire relationship is based on sex.  There’s a lot of flirtation beforehand, but even after they start sleeping together, you don’t really hear them talk about anything meaningful, like what their goals are in life, what their interests are, etc.  This plays a huge problem later in the book.  Fun fact:  communication is important.


The character development is nonexistent.  We know that Shannon isn’t interested in a relationship, and she vaguely references some trust issues, but we never find out why.  Do we ever find out what happened between Bram and his ex?  No.  He gets freaked out at one point when Shannon starts reminding him of his ex, but it’s never explained why.


When the couple has their first big fight, it’s ridiculous.  It all could have been prevented if either of them would have remembered that humans aren’t psychic, and you actually have to communicate why you’re upset.  And when they finally make up?  The make up sex happens before they actually make up, which seems a little backwards to me, personally.


And then there was a really poorly developed love triangle with Jake.  Jake is known for being flirtatious, which is why Shannon is convinced that he’s not in love with her.  I hated Bram so much that I wanted to like Jake, who actually knows Shannon, and probably has an actual basis for his love of her, but I hated Jake too.  There’s a moment where he introduces Shannon to the Long Island Iced Tea, supposedly unaware of the fact that she hadn’t had much to eat that day.  Seemed a little fishy to me.


I’m going to have to give Holiday Man 2 out of 5 controllers.  The only thing that kind of saved it for me was that I liked how the chapters were split into different holidays, and the audiobook has this catchy old timey music that plays at the end of each chapter that I really enjoyed.  But I wouldn’t recommend this for anyone looking for a story with actual substance.



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