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Henry Hubble Brings His Troubles and a Giveaway!

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Today on MGW it’s my pleasure to introduce 12-year old cartoonist, Henry Hubble! Henry has a new book out, Henry Hubble’s Book of Troubles, which chronicles the sixth grader’s misfortunes, in his own words, at home and in school. He’s a super awesome kid and I’m so excited to have him here with us today! So check him out and make sure you enter to win a gift card just for stopping by.









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Henry Hubble Brings His Troubles and a Giveaway!Henry Hubble's Book of Troubles by Andy Myer
Published by: Delacorte Books for Young Readers on February 10th 2015
Genres: Middle Grade
Pages: 160
View on: Goodreads
Grab it: Buy on Amazon
About the Book:

For middle-grade readers looking for a uniquely funny, illustrated exposé on one boy’s troubles in school and at home. Hand this to those searching for a book like Just Jake and Timmy Failure.

Meet Henry Hubble. He’s in a world of trouble. From class-trip bathroom breaks to Halloween-costume catastrophes to lunchroom-table love drama, Henry is always in the middle of a debacle. That is . . . until this journal (yes, the very journal you hold in your hands) makes Henry a media mogul and one of the most popular sixth graders in the world. But you’re just going to have to start reading to find out why.









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I’ve never been a guest blogger before, so I guess before I do anything else, I better introduce myself.
I’m Henry Harrison Hubble, 12-year old cartoonist. I live in Crumb Hollow, PA, which you probably never heard of.  If it helps, our town is pretty close to the Sauerkraut Museum in Stottzville. If you haven’t been there, you can learn all about the history of sauerkraut, and how they make it. They also have barrels with every kind of sauerkraut there is, and they give out free samples, if you want to try some. If you ask me, the stuff smells like a cat fart, but I guess some people like it on their hot dogs.
So anyway, I have this new book that came out, Henry Hubble’s Book of Troubles. It started as my own personal sketchbook, where I draw and write down all the horrible stuff that happens to me pretty much all the time. It came out by accident, and it got posted online WITHOUT MY PERMISSION, and they say it went viral. If you read my book, maybe you can get a virus too.
I’m still getting used to being a famous kid author. I make sure I have at least 3 sharpies with me all the time, in case I have to sign autographs when people recognize me in Wal-Mart or Staples or the Crumb Hollow Diner. I haven’t signed any autographs yet, but I’m sure it’s just a question of time.
I did have an interview on Keystone Bookmarks with Julius Fleem which is on PA-TV channel you sometimes find by accident. It went pretty well, until Mr. Fleem asked me where I got my ideas. It’s funny, all my ideas left my head right then, so I stared up at the ceiling for 3 minutes trying to figure that out. Even after three weeks, I still don’t have the answer. If anybody knows where ideas come from, please get in touch. It’s been bugging me something fierce.
Being a kid author does have big advantages. Take today for example. If I didn’t have a new book, I wouldn’t be on this blog. If I wasn’t on this blog, I wouldn’t have found out about this website Mother.Gamer.Writer. So I found out that there’s this real live mother named Diayll who actually knows about gaming!!!!! Oh, SNAP!
My mother knows NOTHING about gaming except for Scrabble, which she plays all the time on her iPad. If you asked her about Dragon Age Legends or Portal 2, she’d look at you like you were speaking Chinese or something. I told her I’d like an X-Box 360. She just laughed.
Diayll even reviews my favorite thing—COMICS! That’s great. But I was pretty shocked there weren’t any reviews of the Red Sloth series. The Red Sloth is my favorite comic. He moves very, very slowly, and gets bad guys by hanging over them for hours on a tree or a street lamp and reading boring stuff like chemistry textbooks until they give up.
I really enjoyed writing this, and telling you about Henry Hubble’s Book of Troubles. I hope you read it, and tell Diayll how much you enjoyed it. Don’t forget to ask her to review the Red Sloth series.


Your friend,
Henry Hubble





Thanks Henry and I can’t wait to read your book! And I’ll definitely be picking up a copy of Red Sloth!








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About Andy Myer

After a long and prolific career in humorous illustration, graphic design, and corporate communications, Andy Myer has become a successful children’s book author/illustrator. After two picture books for 3 – 7 year olds (“Pickles, Please!” and “Delia’s Dull Day”), Andy’s third book, “Henry Hubble’s Book of Troubles” has just been released by Delacorte Press. This is Andy’s first middle grade book, a sketchbook journal from aspiring cartoonist and disaster magnet, Henry Harrison Hubble. Youngsters will find Henry’s written and visual take on the world genuinely funny and original. Andy lives in Ambler, Pennsylvania with his wife Sandi, blissfully surrounded by their five grandchildren.