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#Unboxing Arcade Block Jan. 2015: Sega Genesis, Donkey Kong, and More!

arcade block outter box4
Like Loot Crate, Arcade Block is a monthly Video Game mystery package delivered right to your door filled with nerdy apparel, toys, and collectables! Every Arcade Block comes with a custom t-shirt (in your size) and 4-6 collectable  items. This is a nerd box specifically for gaming junkies!

To Subscribe: Arcade Block, Nerd Block Horror (NEW),  Nerd Block Classic, and Nerd Block Kids (for boys and girls)

The Cost: $19.99 plus shipping — $8.75 to Canada, $9.50 to US, $12.50 Worldwide

The Products: A custom t-shirt  and 5-6 epic items

Ships To: Worldwide, 15th of every month, give or take a day

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January 2015 Unboxed…



Arcade Block January 2015 open box

Freaking AMAZING!

First impressions are everything!





Sega Genesis Buttons

Various Gorilla Stickers

Arcade Block January 2015 Gorilla Stickers and Sonic the hedgehog pins

My second gaming system as a kid was a Sega Genesis (which I still have in my game room). I LOVE these buttons!  And the Gorilla Sticker pack contains stickers from different video games like:  Mortal Kombat, The Legend of Zelda,  Little Big Planet and Bioshock! Not sure what I will do with them yet, but I have a tiny idea forming in my mind. Something epic of course… hehe





Mega Bloks Halo Rapid Assault Covenant Ghost

Arcade Block January 2015 Halo Mega Blocks

Anything Halo is a WIN in my wallet. I didn’t put it together because of all the little pieces, but let me tell you, it was so neat! There is even a covenant sword!





Plants Vs. Zombies Timepocalypse Graphic Novel

Tetris Notebook

Arcade Block January Plants vs Zombies Comic and Tetris notebook

This is the 3rd time I’ve gotten the same Tetris notebooks so we won’t discuss that; however, I am in EPIC love with this Plants vs. Zombies graphic novel! It’s thick, colorful, and pretty darn funny.

Description from Amazon:

PopCap’s immensely popular Plants vs. Zombies game gets another serving of hilarious, plant-filled, zombie-zapping comics! Crazy Dave–the babbling-yet-brilliant inventor and top-notch neighborhood defender–helps his niece, Patrice, and young adventurer Nate Timely fend off Zomboss’s latest global attack in Plants vs. Zombies: Timepocalypse! This new, standalone tale will tickle your funny bones and thrill . . . your brains! Paul Tobin (Bandette, Plants vs. Zombies: Lawnmageddon Falling Skies) and Ron Chan (The Guild, Husbands) join forces with a bevy of time-tossed plants to deliver a hilarious, all-ages romp to your timeline!

See…you want to read it right????!!!!????





Donkey Kong T-Shirt

Arcade Block January 2015 Donkey Kong Shirt Close up


This is probably one of my Top 5 shirts I’ve gotten in a subscription box. I LOVE ME SOME DK! And, I still have the old school NES games to prove it…hehe  😀  😀  😀  😉





Arcade Block January 2015 all unboxed


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Verdict: I’m so glad I got this Block! Ugh…for the shirt alone. Seriously, I could kiss that shirt it ROCKS SO HARD! The feels, the FEELS!


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