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DNF Review: The Lonely by Ainslie Hogarth

I received this book for free from the mentioned source in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book nor the content of my review.

DNF Review: The Lonely by Ainslie HogarthThe Lonely by Ainslie Hogarth
Published by: Flux on 9-8-2014
Genres: Contemporary, Mystery, YA
Pages: 288
Format: eARC
Source: NetGalley

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A darkly humorous and imaginative story After she discovers The Terrible Thing, Easter Deetz goes looking for her sister, Julia, but ends up pinned under a giant boulder with her legs crushed into tomato paste. Bored, disappointed, and thoroughly dismembered, Easter slowly bleeds to death in The Woods with only sinister squirrels to keep her company. As The Something Coming draws closer, memories of Easter's family surface like hallucinations: a mumbling father who lives alone in the basement; a terrifying grandmother who sits in her enclosed porch all day; an overly loving mother who plays dead in the bathtub on Sunday nights. As the story of her life unspools, Easter realizes she's being stalked, making it very difficult for her to bleed to death in peace. Will The Something Coming save her? Or will it do her in entirely?




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Well, I don’t even know if I should review The Lonely. Frankly, I don’t know WTF was going on in The Lonely. I’m naturally a HUGE fan of novels that play mind games and make you think outside of the box. However, The Lonely did not make me think, it made me feel crazy. And maybe that was intentional. The main character felt severely disturbed (a morbid liar who showed almost no remorse), the writing style though easy to read left me wanting more than it gave, and overall I didn’t connect with any of the characters. For a long time I just wanted to pull my hair out and by the 70% mark (yes, I read 70% and didn’t finish it@@!@!!) I couldn’t take it anymore.  Really, what was the point of it all?


Can I describe the plot…hum…


A girl has a “sister” she left in the woods. One day she goes out to the woods, the “sister” pushes a bolder on top of her, and now the girl, Easter, is trapped under the rock and reminiscing about her life and “The Lonely”. Maybe I just wanted “The Lonely” condition to be some big horrible evil nasty thing and I was disappointed because it was taking excessively long to get to the reveal about “The Lonely”, why it was bad, why Easter had it, and what she was going to do about it. And Easter, well, she was morbid. Not even the good kind but more like the kind that just makes you go…”What did you just say?” I wanted to like her, I wanted to feel sorry for her, and I wanted to be her friend. However, none of those feelings came. I just kept thinking to myself, “This girl needs help ASAP”. And given the fact that I was in the mood to read something different and creepy because I wanted a break from my normal fantasy, The Lonely left me feeling some type of way. Ugh…gosh how much I wanted to like you!


Overall, I did not finish it. I just didn’t care enough about the characters to bring myself to keep picking up my iPad. If  you like creepy, morbid, weird, delusional characters with twisted sense of humors then The Lonely might be for you.




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