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Review and Excerpt: Teaching Roman (Good Girls Don’t #2) by Gennifer Albin

I received this book for free from the mentioned source in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book nor the content of my review.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

Review and Excerpt: Teaching Roman (Good Girls Don’t #2) by Gennifer AlbinTeaching Roman by Gennifer Albin
Series: Good Girls Don't #2
on 6/26/2014
Genres: Contemporary Romance, New Adult
Pages: 175
Format: eBook
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About the Book:

Jessica Stone has her life in perfect order until her perfectly boring boyfriend Brett puts things in perspective. So when she receives a call to action from her heartbroken best friend Cassie, she ditches her plans for Winter Break in gloomy Olympic Falls and sets off to Mexico for some fun in the sun.

Determined to use her oceanview to prep for her MCATS, she doesn't plan to run into anyone from Olympic State, least of all the cute communications prof she's been crushing on for a year. When he unexpectedly saves the day, the two are thrown together in a distinctly extracurricular activity.

Roman Markson doesn’t expect to run into anyone he knows from Olympic Falls while visiting his family in Puerto Vallarta, especially not a former student. Although Jess Stone has a way of catching men’s attention, a relationship with her is strictly off-limits. However, the rules feel less strict in Mexico, so they agree to a plan: one week in paradise and nothing more.

But avoiding each other back on campus is harder than they anticipated, especially when they can’t stay away from one another. Neither is sure what they have to learn—and lose—before life teaches them a lesson they’ll never forget





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Lighthearted, cute, funny, and simply delightful, Teaching Roman is a naughty New Adult romance that’s sure to make you smile.


To begin, I’m a HUGE Albin fan. Her Crewel Series (imagine epic science fiction with a delectable romance) has me doing somersaults and a tad bit curious to check out her other works.  Not to mention she’s a sweet, sweet lady and funny too.  When I realized she had a NA series I had to have it! With all that being said, my expectations were high (probably too high) but I was thrilled Albin did not let me down.


Though I missed the first novel in the series, Catching Liam *sad face*, I had no problems jumping into the second story head first. It worked well as a standalone and I didn’t feel that I was missing anything from the previous book. Teaching Roman is the story of prefect, good girl, list making Jessica Stone who tries to make several big decisions about her life and future while navigating the realm of love.  I immediately fell in love with Jessica and her two best friends. With their quirky friendship and ability to keep it real with each other I couldn’t help but reminisce about my times in college and all the mischief my friends and I would get into.



Some of my favorite lines came from Cassie! For example:


Cassie: “Give me five adjectives describing him.”

Jess: “Nice.” I searched for more, glaring her down. “Dependable. Friendly. Responsible. Ambitious.”

Cassie: “Congratulations,” she said, “you just described the assistant manager of every retail store in America. That’s not a boyfriend. That’s a good customer service experience.”



And the romance… Relationships between students and teachers tend to be touch to pull off. Luckily, since both Jessica and Roman were in their 20’s and pretty close in age, there was no eww factor for me. I found the two of them to be hot. I’m talking scorching. What started off as a fling quickly escalated into something more. Some might say it was insta-lovey but being the true romantic that I am, I found it believable. I’ve always felt that when you meet the mythical “one” you will just know. For Jessica and Roman they each felt it and both had to deal with their emotions and learn how to be together despite all the obstacles. And Roman, my dear sweet Roman, you are book boyfriend material.


Overall, Teaching Roman was a laugh-out-loud muy caliente romance that melted my heart. By the end, I couldn’t stop smiling; heck I even had a few tears (see tweet below). If you love steamy and wild romps, crazy BFF’s, and adorable grandmothers then I highly recommend giving this novel a try.





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 rate 4



Edible Quotes: (Gotta love Aba!)


“Women shouldn’t take care of a man’s every need,” Aba told me, her accent thick on her tongue. “They go soft.”


As luck would have it, I’d just taken a sip of wine and choked on it, trying not to laugh.


“Only in the home,” Aba continued, a sly smile creeping over her lips. “A Spanish man does not ever go soft there.”


I open my mouth, trying to think of something to say, but she’d literally stolen my ability to speak.


“Poor American girls. I forgot sex is not to speak of in your country.”






The Excerpt copy

Roman’s head tilted and he regarded me in a thoughtful way. “I’m starving. Your best friend is drunk. I have no choice but to procure food.”

“You don’t have to do that. I’ve totally got this,” I said quickly, embarrassed that he felt the need to take care of me. I could see where he’d gotten the idea that I needed help. So far I’d been robbed at the airport and been blackmailed into paying off a street vendor. I really could take care of myself and Cassie. I just hadn’t had the chance to yet.

He raised an eyebrow, a smile dancing in his eyes. “I know you’re a strong, independent woman. Which is why I’m offering to go to the market and get right back to being barefoot in the kitchen.”

“Where you belong?” My lips twitched at the idea of Roman cooking for me.

“Mi bella—” Roman leaned forward and trailed a finger along my jaw—“I cook better than I screw.”

Oh. Holy. Fuck.

“Y-y-yeah,” I stammered. “Groceries would be great.”

A smug grin took up residence on Roman’s face as he pulled his shirt on and buttoned it. It was like the exact opposite of Christmas morning, as if he was rewrapping my presents and taking them away, and it left me feeling flustered and anxious and disappointed. But after he slipped on his sandals he caught my hand and drew me to him. Roman pressed his lips to mine, lingering long enough that my mouth parted in welcome to him. His tongue flicked across the bow of my upper lip, but then he pulled back, leaving me breathless.






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