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Review: Wicked Wind (Solsti Prophecy, #1) by Sharon Kay

I received this book for free from the mentioned source in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book nor the content of my review.

Review: Wicked Wind (Solsti Prophecy, #1)  by Sharon KayWicked Wind by Sharon Kay
Series: Solsti Prophecy, #1
Published by: Self Published on 7/21/2013
Genres: Adult, Demons, Paranormal, PNR
Pages: 297
Format: eBook
Source: Author Submitted

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Born with the ability to command the wind, Nicole Bonham spends her life hiding her gift. Deciding to take control of her power, she dispenses her own brand of vigilante justice in Chicago’s worst neighborhoods. Stealth and surprise are always on her side.


Lash demon Gunnar prowls Earth and several supernatural realms to help maintain peace among the immortal species. His chance encounter with Nicole creates a hurricane of sparks between them, and he can’t let her out of his sight until he discovers her true identity. In his two hundred years, he has never seen a creature like her.


Nicole and Gunnar race to discover who - or what - is stabbing the city's most destitute residents and stealing their blood. The fire that forged their bond explodes into white-hot passion, weaving their souls together on an unexpected level. Haunted by the past, Gunnar's fiercely protective instincts battle with her need to defeat the creatures she was born to fight. As they track the mastermind behind the attacks, will Nicole’s unique talent unwittingly send her straight into his lair?



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World building

The story takes place in Chicago, but blends magic and supernatural with preternatural elements. The urban setting helps ground the reader between the reality of earth and the supernatural elements. Chicago is a fairly well known city, even to those who aren’t native to America, and it was nice to see a different city other than the typical New York/Los Angeles/Vegas. No flaws in the realm of magic or holes and that’s always a sign of a solidified foundation.


I liked that Nicole thinks her powers are a quirk. The major element that I enjoyed about her is how she treats her power, but it’s hard to describe without massive spoilers. There were a few parts where I questioned (and her sisters questioned) why she’d done this or that, but the character flaw was intentional. She trusts easily, but in the world she stumbles into, that could have serious consequences. Nicole catches on quickly though as the story unfolds and she grows.

Gunner is your resident bad boy does good as in his persona screams, “I’m bad, don’t mess with me.” He means it, but beneath the demonic exterior he’s different when it comes to Nicole and those he cares for.


There’s building romantic(and highly sexual) tension between Gunner and Nicole, but there’s a plot too. At times I felt swept more into the love story than the plot, but that’s natural for me to do as a reader. I’m a sucker for romance.

Part of the plot is in Nicole’s self-discovery. She learns what she is and it changes her world. Not just her day-to-day activities or nighttime butt kicking sessions, but it alters everything she thought was true about her, her sisters, and her past. The second half of the plot is coming to terms to what destiny means and fulfilling it, but she is only once piece of the bigger picture.

Recommend to those who enjoy PNR and UF as this combines elements of both worlds.




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