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Dungeons and Dragons Review: The Sentinel (The Sundering #5) by Troy Denning

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Dungeons and Dragons Review: The Sentinel (The Sundering #5) by Troy DenningThe Sentinel by Troy Denning
Series: The Sundering #5
Published by: Wizards of the Coast on 4/1/2014
Genres: Dungeons & Dragons, Epic Fantasy, Fantasy, Fantasy & Magic, Game Tie-In, Video Game Tie In's
Pages: 304
Format: eARC
Source: NetGalley

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In the fifth book of the multi-author Sundering series, New York Times best-selling author Troy Denning sends an embittered paladin, Kleef Kenric, on a quest to stop evil forces from taking advantage of the chaos rolling across the land of Faerûn and claiming dominion over the entirety of the Realms.

Stubbornly clinging to his family’s worship of a long-forgotten god, Kleef Kenric soon discovers that his god has blessed him with divine gifts, making him one of a new group of Chosen cropping up around the Realms. This divine gift makes him an excellent ally—and a target for those who wish corral his powers.

After battling his way out Marsember, a city besieged on all sides in the wake of the Sundering, he becomes swept up in the mission of a group of odd allies—a warrior noblewoman, an accomplished thief, and a mysterious short pudgy man exuding a faint odor of decay. With the forces of Shade tracking their every step, they travel to the Underdark to thwart the rise of the goddess of Death, but before long Kleef learns that his allies hide dangerous secrets—secrets that could destroy not only Kleef but the very fabric of the Forgotten Realms.






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The Sentinel is the fifth book in The Sundering series, a series that takes place in Dungeons and Dragons universe.  I have previously read the third book in the series, The Adversary, so I did skip a book, but wasn’t confused, so you can read the books out of order, or as standalone novels and be fine.  I really enjoyed The Adversary and The Sentineldid not disappoint.


The Sentinel follows four characters, Kleef, Arietta, Joelle, and Malik as they attempt to deliver the Eye of Gruumsh to it’s destination, all while trying to keep it out of the hands of the Shadovar and the orcs.  The novel chronicles their journeys, their hardships, and of course their personal lives.


This novel started off really slow for me, and I can’t put my finger on why.  It started off with some action packed scenes, there was a giant fight against the Shadovar, and even Arietta, who is a noble, gets in on the action.  So if you’re into action scenes and battles, you’ll be hooked right away, but it took me probably a quarter of the book to really get into it.


And now for the good things!  I enjoyed the characters.  A lot.  They’re each motivated by different things, and they act like they’re all trying to help the greater good, but they’re clearly in it for themselves, or at least two of them are.  Kleef is a Watchmen, a guard of sorts, and his family has always served Helm, a god that has been believed to be dead for quite some time.  Between serving a dead god and the corruption that Kleef sees in the nobility, he has a hard time seeing the point in his work, so he has his own lack of faith to work on.


Arietta hates the way that her father would rather run from the city than actually stay and help their people, like she feels a noble is supposed to.  Then there are Joelle and Malik, only interested in getting the Eye to their destination in one piece and pleasing their own gods.


Another thing that kind of bothered me about the novel was I feel like not a lot happened…?  Which is weird, because there was definitely an epic journey and a mission, and things happened, so I’m not entirely sure why I feel that way.  The pacing seemed to jump around a bit, which threw me off, but it wasn’t enough to the point where I got really confused.


Overall, I’m giving The Sentinel 4 out of 5 controllers.  It had a good plot, good characters, good battle scenes, but it started out really slow and the jumps in time didn’t really seem that natural.




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