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Review: Dead Silent (Poppy Sinclair #2) by Sharon Jones

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Review: Dead Silent (Poppy Sinclair #2) by Sharon JonesDead Silent by Sharon Jones
Series: Poppy Sinclair #2
Published by: Hachette Children's Books on 02/06/2014
Genres: Horror & Ghost Stories, Mystery, Young Adult
Pages: 336
Format: eARC
Source: NetGalley

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When Poppy Sinclair and her boyfriend visit snowy Cambridge, she doesn't expect to discover the body of a student - arms outstretched in the act of smearing bloody angel wings on the chapel's floor. Suddenly, Poppy is faced with the possibility that the one closest to her heart might be the one committing the most malicious of crimes. Dodging porters and police, dreading what she might find, Poppy follows the clues left by a murderer bent on revenge... Long-hidden secrets are chillingly revealed, an avenging angel seeks forgiveness and red-hot vengeance must be quelled in the amazing new Poppy Sinclair thriller.





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Dead Silent is the second novel in the Poppy Sinclair series by Sharon Jones.  The Poppy Sinclair series is Jones’ first published series and while I have yet to read the first in the series, Dead Jealous, Dead Silent was definitely a hit with me.


Poppy Sinclair is 16 years old, visiting her father where he works at Trinity College.  Her boyfriend, Michael, has an interview for King’s College, and Poppy isn’t exactly looking forward to spending some quality time with dear old dad.  But when people start showing up dead, it’s clear that having to spend time with the father who left her and her mother to follow his passion for religion is the least of her problems.


I really enjoyed Dead Silent.  Like, a lot.  Poppy is a very bubbly, very smart girl, and a great heroine to follow.  She’s hurt by what her father did, which is only natural, and even more hurt that their relationship has changed so much because of it (she would have you believe she’s angry.  She’s definitely hurting).  Plus, she has to deal with the fact that Michael is going to be off to college next year while she’s still at home, which is troubling for any relationship.  But she’s able to put most of these issues aside when a boy at the college ends up murdered.  One of my pet peeves in a book is when something serious is going on and the characters are still obsessing over little problems, so I was glad to see Poppy actually dig into the mystery and try to figure out who murdered the student.


Poppy reminded me a little of Nancy Drew in a way.  They’re both smart, inquisitive, and they both hate being told to stay out of something.  That being said, I don’t want you going into this thinking it’ll be like reading a Nancy Drew mystery.  Dead Silent is slightly graphic with the deaths, so be forewarned.  Also, Poppy doesn’t necessarily immediately start digging into what’s happening.  She’s concerned, and she’s interested in finding out what happened, but she doesn’t do most of her digging until later in the novel.


She’s also dealing with her own struggle for religion, which is something that people go through all the time.  Poppy was brought up Pagan, and her father left to preach in a church, leaving Poppy as someone who wants nothing to do with either religion.  This is something that comes into play throughout the book, and it’s something that Poppy has to grapple with to make sense of some things.


I was definitely a fan of Michael, Poppy’s boyfriend.  The two have a very cute relationship, they’ve been friends practically since they were in diapers, but their romantic relationship is still fairly new, and it’s nice to see how much he cares about her and her wellbeing.


Also, as much as I wanted to dislike Poppy’s dad (to align myself more with her) it was hard.  He did leave her and her mother, yes, but he clearly still cares about his daughter.  He really is as busy as he seems to be, he isn’t just making up excuses to avoid spending time with her.


I’ve been so busy fawning over the characters that I haven’t talked about the plot yet!  Who doesn’t love a murder mystery fraught with secret societies?  Because that’s what you have here.  And it doesn’t just stop with one death.  Someone is out to get the members of a secret society at Cambridge and Poppy is determined to figure out who.  Jones keeps you guessing the whole way through, and I still didn’t know who the baddie was until they were revealed.  There are plenty of suspects and a red herring or two, so keep your eyes sharp for this one!


If I had any complaints, it would be that as much as I liked Poppy, she did do some stupid things.  I mean, it’s to be expected, because she’s only 16 years old, but some of the things I just had to shake my head at.


Dead Silent gets 4 out of 5 controllers from me.  Great young adult murder mystery, great plot, great characters.  Just great.


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