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Audiobooks for Children: Review of Music Audio Stories by Busy Bees Publishing

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Audiobooks for Kids

5 Great Stories for Children Ages 3 to 7 by Busy Bees Publishing

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Featured Stories:




This story follows the unlikely adventure of a tiny little worm called Ronnie, who manages to worm her way from her woodland home to New York City, The Big Apple.





Jimi & his friend Joe

Based on a tabby cat with unusually large ears called Jimi, this is a story about two unlikely friends.





Johnny No Cash

Follow the adventure of Johnny the hamster as he stumbles over the countryside, crosses a river with pirate crows and enters The West.





march of the ants

Sid is the smallest of the ants, and no one notices him at all. One day he joins the other ants in a march and soon grows very tired.











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This is kind of a unique review.  Busy Bees Publishing is a group that started off when Anna-Christina, one of the founders, was given a college assignment.  Busy Bees Publishing now produces audio stories for young children, from about ages 3 to 7.  The stories I listened to were Jimi & His Friend Joe, Johnny No Cash, March of the Ants, and The Big Apple.


I really enjoyed each of these stories for different reasons.  They’re all really good stories for kids to listen to.  They’re entertaining, as well as being short enough to hold the attention span of most younger children, and they each have really good messages for kids.  Also, the stories are all about animal characters, which is another way to keep the kids entertained.  The thing that I probably enjoyed the most was the music that the stories are set to.  Each story is set to classical music and it just brings the stories together.  The scores go perfect with the stories that they are set to and it kept me enthralled with the stories.


Jimi & His Friend Joe was about Jimi the tabby cat.  Jimi lives at a farm with several other animals, including a gang of border collies who bully the rest of the farm animals.  When a new animal comes to the farm, another border collie by the name of Joe, Jimi and Joe befriend one another showing that dogs and cats can be friends.  AKA just because someone is different than you doesn’t mean you can’t be friends with them.  Good life lessons!


Johnny No Cash takes us on the journey of Johnny the hamster.  When Johnny hears that his friend isn’t feeling well, Johnny goes on an adventure to find him and cheer him up, although he has no cash to get there.  Along the way he meets a gang of pirate crows as well as a skunk.  To me, Johnny No Cash really showed what it meant to be a friend, which is always a good message to be sending to kids.


March of the Ants follows the story of Sid the ant.  Sid is the smallest ant and when he goes on a march with the other ants, he struggles to keep up.  However, when it begins to rain while the ants are marching, it is up to Sid, because of his small size, to get the rest of the ants to safety so they don’t all drown.  Another good message:  sometimes what others view as a disability might come in handy, and you’re still important, despite your disability.


Finally we have The Big Apple.  Ronny the worm overhears two squirrels, Yes and No, talking about the big apple.  When Ronny goes to find the big apple, she ends up on quite the adventure, including going to a hockey game.  The squirrels, who had been mean and not told her how to get to the big apple, end up sitting at home by themselves while Ronny goes on the adventure of a lifetime.


I’m going to give the Music Audio Stories 5 out of 5 controllers.  They’re all super cute, have great messages to send to kids, and the music that they’re set to is absolutely amazing.  I would definitely have your younger children listen to these stories.


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About Busy Bees:

acbusybeeWhat started off as a college assignment by Anna-Christina has developed into this fun new project, which then became Busy Bees Publishing in 2012 along with Adie Hardy. Whilst working on their first audio story March of The Ants, they searched online for other audio stories similar to theirs, yet could find nobody combining original classical music with original children’s stories and sound effects. They decided to invent their own genre and call their creations “Music Audio Stories”.