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“Top 5 Military Men in Movies” and Giveaway: Military Muscle Blog Tour

“Top 5 Military Men in Movies” and Giveaway: Military Muscle Blog Tour

Welcome to Mother/Gamer/Writer for the Military Muscle Blog Tour. For today’s tour stop, please welcome featured authors Jessica Scott, Rebecca Zanetti, and Marilyn Pappano with a guest post on their “Top 5 Military Men in Movies” and enter for your chance to win print or digital copies of each of their novels!









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“Top 5 Military Men in Movies”



rebecca zanetti and forgotten sins


Rebecca Zanetti:

This is such a tough one!  Here are my five – in no particular order.


1. The entire cast of Black Hawk Down – it’s too difficult to choose just one.  And what is up with soldiers having southern accents?  That is just too sexy for words.

2. Tom Cruise in Top Gun.  I’m not a huge Cruise fan, but boy…I loved that movie.  The volleyball scene?  Or the slow-up against the wall – love scene?  Nicely done.

3. Richard Gere in An Officer and a Gentleman.  I know it’s an old movie, but the best ending to a movie of all time is still Richard Gere, in full dress whites, carrying Debra Singer out of the factory.  Love it!

4. Will Smith in Independence Day.  Smith played an F/A-18 Hornet’s Pilot for the Marine Corps  with bravery, humor, and dedication to rescuing the woman he’d left behind.  He didn’t take his shirt off enough in this movie, but he was still awesome.

5. Mark Wahlberg in Lone Survivor.  I like Mark in practically every movie he makes, and to see him in an adaptation of a real situation was amazing





Marilyn Pappano


Marilyn Pappano:


1. Viper (Tom Skerritt) in Top Gun. While the young guys in the service have their own levels of hot, there’s just something special about an older, mature version.

2. Cary Grant playing Lieutenant Commander Matt Sherman in Operation Petticoat. The amazing Cary as CO of a WWII sub that’s been overrun by nurses—and painted pink. One of my old favorites.

3. John Travolta as CID agent Paul Brenner in The General’s Daughter. I loved the Southern setting, reminding me of our four years at Fort Gordon, Georgia, and Brenner was great to watch.

4. The Hunt for Red October. Sean Connery. What else is there to say?

5. You can see from my list that I don’t watch many recent movies and prefer the ones that don’t have a lot of blood and gore. (Wife/mother of veterans, remember?) My last favorite is the entire cast of Down Periscope. I’ve never been sure if non-Navy people will enjoy it as much as all squids and rust-pickers, but my husband and I love it. The first few times we watched it, one of us was constantly saying, “I know those guys.” Honestly, I think it’s probably the most accurate depiction of Navy life – at least, the funny parts – that I’ve ever seen.





Jessica Scott


Jessica Scott:

In no particular order from my favorite military movies…


  1. Gunny Highway in Heartbreak Ridge
  2. SFC Hooten (Eric Bana) in Blackhawk Down
  3. Royin Williams in Goodmorning Vietnam
  4. Mel Gibson in The Patriot
  5. Mark Wahlberg in Lone Survivor








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