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#Skyjoy Interactive Soon To Launch Super Kid Cannon for #iOS, #Android

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At Mother/Gamer/Writer we are always excited to showcase upcoming games we think will appeal to you and your families. Skyjoy Interactive alerted us to the upcoming release of their mobile game and we are thrilled to introduce you to Super Kid Cannon. SKC will be premiering in New Zealand in February and Worldwide shortly thereafter.


Reminiscent of Super Mario, Super Kid Cannon is an action-packed Vertical-Launcher (the first of its kind) and features a red panda on a mission to rescue his kidnapped sweetheart, Justine, from an evil snow leopard named Khan. Players will journey through mystical and magical places to save Justine, complete difficult puzzles and use strategic thinking to progress through 30 diverse levels. Easily playable by everyone the game also incorporates features and extras to offer a challenge to the more hardcore gamers.


With each level drawn by hand on paper, Super Kid Cannon offers a variety of characters, each one with their own unique personality, traits, and moves. Players will utilize devices such as cannons, bubbles, ski-lifts, spaceships, windmills and other creative modes of transportation to maneuver their way through the various levels.  It also includes social integration, allowing players to compare ratings, scores, and check their friends’ progress in-game. Another great feature is the upgrades such as new costumes, extra lives, and power-ups.  Take a look at what you can expect from this exciting new game and be sure to stay tuned for our full review after its launch.


super kid cannon drcoo_bump_spaceship_warpdoor


skc_overworld_map_1 super kid cannon


skc_bunny_minecart_scorpion_egg_2 super kid cannon




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Skyjoy Interactive is the first multimillion dollar Miami-based software development company focused on casual and social games in the mobile market, specifically iOS and Android.  Following their uncompromising desire to reinvigorate the gameplay of the contemporary gaming scene with nostalgic, 90’s-era gameplay, Miami-bred founders, Abdulhady Taher and the Portilla brothers, Alex and Miguel, embarked on their trailblazing journey to put Miami on the gaming map in 2011, when they made Brickell their base of operations.  Skyjoy strives to build its game catalog based on the widespread appeal and simplicity of “classic” videogame styling by combining vibrant, contemporary graphics, with the challenging yet accessible gameplay mechanics of gaming’s golden-era.