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Dungeons & Dragons Book Review: The Adversary (The Sundering #3) by Erin M. Evans

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Dungeons & Dragons Book Review: The Adversary (The Sundering #3) by Erin M. EvansThe Adversary by Erin M. Evans
Series: The Sundering #3
Published by: Wizards of the Coast on 12/3/2013
Genres: Adventure, Dungeons & Dragons, Fantasy, Game Tie-In, Video Game Tie In's
Pages: 432
Format: eARC
Source: NetGalley

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In the 3rd book of the multi-author SUNDERING series kicked off by New York Times best-selling author R.A. Salvatore, the award-winning Erin M. Evans throws her signature character Farideh into a maelstrom of devilish politics and magical intrigue. Captured by Netherese agents and locked away in a prison camp, Farideh quickly discovers her fellow prisoners are not simply enemies of Netheril, but people known as Chosen who possess hidden powers, powers that Netheril is eager to exploit—or destroy. As Farideh’s friends and sister race across the landscape on a desperate rescue mission, Farideh is drawn deeper into the mystery of the Netherese plot alongside two undercover Harper agents. But will her closest ally turn out to be an adversary from her past?






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The Adversary is the third book in The Sundering series, a multi author series that takes place in the Forgotten Realms of the Dungeons and Dragons universe.  Going into this book I was expecting to be extremely confused because A) it’s the third book in the series and B) I’ve never played Dungeons and Dragons in my life.  I am extremely pleased to say I was not confused and I really enjoyed this book.


The Adversary is written by Erin M. Evans, who has written other novels that have taken place in the Forgotten Realms.  In this particular novel Farideh, the tiefling protagonist has landed herself in trouble when she makes a pact with a cambion named Sariche.  Farideh, her twin sister Havilar, and another cambion, Lorcan, are to be protected until Farideh’s twenty-seventh birthday.  Unfortunately, Sariche’s idea of protection involves hiding the three for seven years.  Everyone Farideh and Havilar know and love thinks they’re dead, and Lorcan has been trapped by Sariche, who happens to be his sister.


One of the things that made me really happy about this novel is that even if you’re unfamiliar with the D&D universe, you can still enjoy it.  A lot of the terminology that might be unfamiliar, you can pick up from context fairly easily.  And if you want to be 100% sure, you can always do a quick search on the more unfamiliar terms such as tiefling and cambion.


This was a really great adventure story.  Farideh has gotten herself in a bit of trouble, and it is up to Havilar and Lorcan to rescue her, with the help of some other friends along the way.  The rescuing of Farideh, plus the sketchy goings on that Farideh has been dragged into take the main stage in the story, but there are some romantic elements in it as well, which kept me entertained.


I really enjoyed how well all of the characters are written.  They each have their specific things that drive them.  Mehen, the adoptive father of Farideh and Havilar and he would do anything to keep his girls safe.  Farideh feels the need to protect those around her, especially Havilar.  Lorcan and Sariche, typical to their cambion nature, are typically out to do whatever is in their best interest.  The ways that the characters all interact is done really well, and it made the novel really enjoyable to read.


The only thing that keeps me from giving this 5 stars is that there were a few parts that kind of seemed to drag for me.  The ending really slowed down in pace, and a lot of the battle scenes I tended to skim through because there was just a lot going on.  But the scenery was described really well without being too descriptive to the point that it detracts from the story.


I’m giving The Adversary four out of 5 controllers.  It was a really great plot, great characters, and really well written.  Just a little slow in a few parts, not too many, and the author does a fantastic job of making sure you’re not confused so even if you haven’t played D&D you can still enjoy the story.




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