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Designing A Gamer Sanctuary: My Top 3 Nerdy Wish List Items for My Game Room

Designing A Gamer Sanctuary:

My Top 3 Nerdy Wish List Items for My Game Room




Master Chief Christmas Card

A Master Chief (HALO) Christmas Card…Why YES Please!


Whelp, it’s that time of year again where I think about all the things I wish I had or was getting for Christmas in preparation for the upcoming year. This year though, my list is a little bit shorter. A tad bit more concise, even. For those in my inner blogging circle, you know that I spent the majority of October and the first of November moving into my first house. Yup, that’s right. Me, a First-Time Homebuyer. Talk about an EPIC Birthday and Christmas present. Now all I really need is a few Geeky/Nerdy treasures to make my life complete. For the first time ever I’m able to have a completely customized Game Room. From top to bottom, I get to design my Geek Sanctuary: the shelving, the displays, wall decals, black lights (does anyone even do that anymore? LOL). Trust me; I don’t foresee this being an easy task. Designing a Game Room to me is like giving my kitchen a complete overhaul. I already know my wallet is going to be hit hard. But that’s all right because I am investing in something that will be with me for the rest of my life. With that being said, here are a few items I have on my short Christmas list to make my dreams of a true Game Room come true!







 Gaming Posters…


wreck it ralph char poster



How could any game room be complete without framing and displaying awesome game posters from the 80’s, 90’s and this gaming generation? Yes, I have collected many gaming posters from over the years and I’m thrilled I finally get to display them how I want. And in the space I get to design. Grabbing frames from somewhere like is an ideal way to grab frames at an affordable price. Heck, maybe you might just want to pick one up for yourself.  🙂





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 Wall Graphics Galore…


halo decals

Image Source:


pac man decals

Image Source:


No true game room can call itself a game room without having nerdy decals. When I first started planning my design, I originally thought it would be difficult to find gaming decals for affordable prices. However, thank the gaming goddesses (yes they are women in my fantasy), I’ve stumbled upon some fascinating websites that have not only awesome game decals, they give you inspiration on how to design your room! Talk about a major win-win for me.






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 Gamer Furniture and Furnishings…


Donkey Kong Game Room

Image Source:



Last but not least, gamer furniture and furnishings.  A console coffee table? Interactive gaming lighting? How about Mario themed pillows and blankets? To that I say, all of the above. This by far is the hardest part to me. In my head, I have a vision, but somehow they keep going askew by all the shiny new and interesting things I see floating around the web. Picking out the right furniture, or even trying to make my own (yes I am DIY’ing some EPIC bookshelves), will be a daunting task but I think I’m up for the challenge.













Reader Question: What would you put in your EPIC Game Room?