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ARC Review: Barefoot by the Sea (Barefoot Bay, #4) by Roxanne St. Claire

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ARC Review: Barefoot by the Sea (Barefoot Bay, #4) by Roxanne St. ClaireBarefoot By The Sea by Roxanne St. Claire
Series: Barefoot Bay #4
Published by: Forever Romance on October 29, 2013
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 448
Format: eARC
Source: NetGalley

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"Pack this one in your beach bag and get ready for nonstop fun."

--- Susan Mallery, New York Times bestselling author, on Barefoot in the Sand
A Barefoot Bay Novel When you think you know your heart's desire . . . Tessa Galloway is a gifted nurturer-her verdant garden at Barefoot Bay's new resort is living proof. If only the woman who can grow anything could grow what she wants most: a baby. Her friends think the right guy will come along, but Tessa doesn't want to wait. All she needs is the perfect donor to make her dream come true. Then John Brown is hired at the resort. If anyone could make beautiful babies, it's this gorgeous, mysterious man. So why does Tessa suddenly find herself wanting so much more? Can you give up all your dreams for love? It's been three long years since John Brown had to leave his old life. Forced into the witness protection program, he's desperate to be reunited with his toddler twins. When he gets that chance, there's a catch-he must prove he's got a steady job and a new wife. Landing a gig as a chef in Barefoot Bay is easy enough. And falling for lovely Tessa is even easier. The hard part? Can he win the heart of a woman who prizes honesty-when the truth may shatter it?






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The perfect ending to a fantastic series, Barefoot by the Sea was everything I hoped it would be.  The story follows Tessa Galloway, the last of the four best friends who started Casa Blanca resort.  All of her friends have managed to find love at Barefoot Bay, and Tessa is no exception.


Tessa is a wonderful character.  She’s sweet, she’s loyal to her friends, and she wants to be a mother more than anything.  Tessa has always wanted a baby, but she has never been able to conceive.  Her bookshelf contains an entire section of books dedicated to getting pregnant.  She’s looking into trying a surrogate, but she simply cannot find the perfect sperm donor.  Then comes along John Brown, whose real name is Ian Browning.  After his wife and brother were murdered by a London gang, Ian was forced to go into the UK’s version of the witness protection program, separated from his twin toddlers.


Tessa and Ian hit it off right away, although Tessa has no idea who Ian really is.  If he somehow lets his identity slip, he gets relocated to start a new life elsewhere, and is one step farther away from getting his children back, the one thing he wants most in the world.  Tessa can tell that Ian is hiding something from her, she just isn’t entirely sure what.  This, if you’ve read any of the previous Barefoot Bay novels, is a huge problem considering Tessa hates secrets more than anything else.


This novel finally explains why Tessa hates secrets, and my heart went out to her.  It’s a good backstory that ties into everything the reader knows about Tessa from the previous books, as well as from this story alone.  The chemistry between her and Ian is done really well.  Tessa is extremely attracted to Ian, but she also still holds onto her morals and her hatred of lies that make her Tessa.


Ian is the perfect leading man for Tessa.  Although she doesn’t know about his past, he has the same dedication to the two children he has that Tessa has to becoming a mother.  Ian will do whatever it takes to get his children back, even if it means leaving the only woman he has ever loved since his wife’s death.


Aside from the romance we can always expect from the Barefoot Bay series, the resort is getting ready to host its most important guests yet.  The women from the AABC are staying to decide whether or not they should recommend the resort to brides looking for a destination wedding.  The only catch is they want to see an actual wedding take place.  This is the review all of the women have been waiting for, and they’re all determined to make a good impression on the bridal consultants, even on a short notice.


I am giving Barefoot by the Sea 5 out of 5 controllers.  I couldn’t have asked for more for the end of this series.  And although this is the last of Lacey, Joss, Zoe, and Tessa, I have a feeling this isn’t the last we’ll see of Barefoot Bay.



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