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Joint Review: Garrison’s Creed (Titan #2) by Cristin Harber

I received this book for free from the mentioned source in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book nor the content of my review.

Joint Review: Garrison’s Creed (Titan #2) by Cristin HarberGarrison's Creed by Cristin Harber
Series: Titan #2
Published by: Mill Creek Press on September 26, 2013
Genres: Romantic Suspense
Pages: 280
Format: eARC
Source: NetGalley

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Nicola is an injured CIA agent on the run from a failed undercover operation. Her escape plan shatters when she slams into the man who buried her a decade ago. Cash Garrison. Her first and only love. Now, sexier than her best memory and cradling a sniper’s rifle, he has questions she can’t answer. Why was she alive? And armed?

Cash is an elite member of a black ops organization, The Titan Group. He thought Nicola died his senior year of college and swore off love to focus on a decade of military missions. But when she shows up behind enemy lines, bleeding out and wielding a weapon, his heart and mind are unsure how to proceed.

Titan and the CIA join forces to uncover a mole hidden in a network of international terrorists and homegrown mobsters, teaming Cash and Nicola again. They fight old wounds and re-ignite sparks while closing in on a double agent. When disaster strikes, Nicola’s hidden past makes her the hunted target and Cash’s best kill shot may not be enough to save them.






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Garrisons Creed is the second book in the Titan novel trilogy. I actually read and reviewed Winters Heat over on Literary Sweet, and plan on reading the rest of the series. Oh yeah, it’s that hot.
We met Cash in the first book, but he was a minor character. This book can be read by itself, but you really see the change in him between the two books, plus it too is a darn good read. Do yourself a favor if you love romance and suspense, pick it up.
Cash is a sniper who throws all caution to the wind. He’s a player, a womanizer, and there’s a long list of conquests notching his belt. While on routine assignment, for Titan, he sees the woman who started that downward spiral in him. Trouble is, she’s supposed to be dead.
Nicola is deep undercover working for the CIA when her target is killed – sniper style. Crap hits the fan and she tumbles into someone she never thought she’d see again. Cash Garrison – the man who owned her heart and the one she tried to protect.
Filled with action, suspense, and the clash of alpha male and female, can these two find a way to forgive the past and earn a second chance at love?


I love the heat of the series. It builds up and then burns you senseless. Mist yourself with this one, and be sure to watch your panties. The Titan boys like to set them ablaze, but for the men out there, Nicola has you covered too.
Cat fights, guns, and lots of explosive fire is sure to wet your appetite.
5 controllers, hot series, etc. (By the way this review is different than the one I used for my tour)



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Garrison’s Creed by Cristin Harber is full of romance, intrigue, action, and spies!  The second novel in the Titan series follows the story of Cash Garrison, a member of the Titan organization, who has recently discovered that the only woman he ever loved is not dead like everyone thought she was, just working for the CIA.


Cash Garrison.  I don’t even know where to start.  He’s such a macho protagonist, always sleeps with his rifle next to him and doesn’t take crap from anyone.  When he’s around Nicola though, he’s all lover and knows exactly what to say and do to her to drive her wild.  The one thing I will say about Cash that drove me nuts throughout the entire novel is that he’s too protective of Nicola.  Being protective and wanting to make sure she’s ok can be sweet and endearing, but Cash takes it to the extreme.  He doesn’t like the fact that Nicola works for the CIA for the simple fact that she’s a girl and she should be protected by manly men such as him.  Whenever Cash and Nicola were talking business and this came up I got so angry.  However, it left a lot of room for character growth, and Cash does grow throughout the novel, so I was satisfied by the end of the novel.


I loved Nicola’s character.  She’s a strong female character who doesn’t let the men in her life push her around.  Being one of the only female field agents in the CIA she’s used to having to prove herself to men who think she can’t do her job.  Her life gets turned upside down when she runs into Cash, as well as her brother Roman, both of whom think she is currently buried six feet under.  I really did feel bad for Nicola.  She feels like a terrible person for letting her family believe she was dead, but she needed to be placed in witness protection, so no one from her old life could know that she was alive or they would all be put in danger.  One of the things I loved about Nicola was she knew just how to get what she wanted when it comes to Cash.  She loves him, but she also doesn’t take crap from him and refuses to give up her job just because Cash doesn’t like her being in the field.


Roman, Nicola’s brother, was great.  He was the perfect mixture of pissed off that his sister lied to him, and relieved to find out she was alive.  He also had to come to terms with the fact that his best friend and his little sister are in a relationship, and were in a relationship even before Nicola was forced into witness protection.  Similar to Cash, his over-protection kind of got on my nerves, but it was a little more understandable coming from an older brother.  Still, Nicola is a grown woman and should be able to date whoever she wants to, even her older brother’s best friend.


Characters aside, the novel was written really well.  I could visualize everything really well, which is always nice.  The action scenes kept me on the edge of my seat, and the romance scenes had just the right amount of detail in them.  There were twists and turns right up to the end of the book, so even when I thought things were settled and I was in for the happy ending, something else would happen to stir things up again.  Not many novels actually keep the reader engaged and entertained throughout the whole thing, but Garrison’s Creed did.  It can be read on its own even though it’s the second in the series, and there are plenty of side characters to love as well as the two main characters, Cash and Nicola.


Overall, I’m giving Garrison’s Creed 5 out of 5 controllers.  I was entertained throughout the entire thing, none of it was boring, and even though Cash got on my nerves with his over-protectiveness, the fact that his character grows throughout the novel redeems him and makes this novel a great read.




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