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Mother/GAMER/Writer Presents A Week With Forever: Guilty as Sin by Jami Alden

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This week at Mother/Gamer/Writer we’re celebrating the hot new romantic suspense titles from our friends at Forever/Forever Yours for the months of July and August! Each day we will highlight an author and their novel with interviews, reviews, excerpts and an EPIC GIVEAWAY on August 2nd! Be sure to follow along so you can meet these fabulous ladies and win a copy of their novels!!



Today’s Featured Author is Jami Alden. Jami is the author of the chilling Romantic Suspense Novel, Guilty as Sin  featuring Kate Beckett, an advocate for missing children, who returns to the small town where she lost her brother-and where she left behind the first boy she ever loved. The stakes are high for Kate and the boy whose heart she broke, Tommy as they try to catch a killer who has her family in his sight. We hope you enjoy the excerpt!!









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Mother/GAMER/Writer Presents A Week With Forever: Guilty as Sin by Jami AldenGuilty as Sin by Jami Alden
Published by: Forever Yours, Grand Central Publishing on July 30, 2013
Pages: 464
Format: Paperback
View on: Goodreads
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About the Book:

For over a decade, a killer has been waiting, silent as death and . . .

Fourteen years ago, Kate Beckett was a teenager more interested in summer romance than babysitting. Then the unthinkable happened: her younger brother was kidnapped and murdered on her watch. Now she is an advocate for missing children, and her newest case brings her back to the small town where she lost her brother-and where she left behind the first boy she ever loved.

Tommy Ibarra's world fell apart after Kate broke his heart, and he's spent his adult life making sure that he'll never be vulnerable again. When a teenage girl vanishes, he offers his expertise as a high tech security expert to help find her. Although he's determined to keep his distance from Kate, it isn't long before he's falling under her spell all over again.

As they race against the clock, their investigation leads to a brutal killer with a shocking connection to Kate's tragic past. And this time, the killer has Kate firmly in his sites.






The Excerpt copy



Shame and the knowledge she deserved every bit of his resentment burned like acid in her chest. The sixteen-year-old girl still lurking inside her wanted to jump to her defense. I had to go along with it. I couldn’t say anything, not if I wanted to make it up to my father for everything that had happened.

But they both knew the truth. One call to the dean at the University of Idaho, one call to the press to expose her father’s strong-arm tactics against Tommy and his family, and his life at least would have returned to normal. Instead, in a last, futile attempt to regain her family’s favor, she’d stayed silent, unwilling to create a media scandal that would alienate her from her family once and for all.

What Kate hadn’t realized, until it was too late, was that no matter what she did, her father was never going to forgive her. He was never going to love her again.

I’m sorry, Kate wanted to say, but she couldn’t push the words past her lips.

CJ cleared his throat and lowered his gaze as though he’d spotted something really interesting on the brown leather tips of his boots. Jackson’s brow knitted in confusion. “You had a problem with Senator Beckett?”

Kate swallowed hard and opened her mouth to answer when Tommy cut her off. “It’s old news and, like I said, never really amounted to much.” Kate watched as the resentment faded, Tommy’s expression turning flat and emotionless once again. So different from the Tommy she’d known, whose every emotion showed in the depths of his eyes. He could brush it off, but Kate knew the truth: The senator’s manipulations and the life Tommy had lived since then had turned him into a hard-eyed stranger she barely recognized.

The four of them walked to the front door. She said goodbye to Jackson while CJ and Tommy followed her outside. As expected, the reporters were gathered on the front porch in a buzzing knot. The second the door swung open, half a dozen microphones were pointed at their faces. CJ quickly took his leave.

Tommy hung back and gestured with one big hand as though to say “It’s all you.”

Kate mentally braced herself. She’d done enough interviews to be comfortable in front of the cameras, but she knew the press for this case would be different. She was used to rehashing her own past. It was, of course, why she’d majored in criminology at NYU.

This time, she knew, the rehashing would be worse. Because this time when she was talking about her past, she would be in the same town, breathing the same air, seeing the same familiar places she’d seen that night long ago.

And not only that, she was surrounded by people who had been there. Who remembered what had happened that horrible night, who had lived through it with her.


People like Tommy, who had also been damaged in the aftermath.








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Jami Alden
[note color=”#ebeaea”]
Jami Alden is an award-winning author sexy romantic suspense. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her socially well adjusted alpha male husband, her sons, and a German shepherd who patiently listens to dialog and helps her work out plot points.[/note]












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