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Night Huntress Series Read-a-Long Discussion #11: At Grave’s End Ch. 19 – 27

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Welcome to another Night Huntress Series Read-a-Long Discussion Post. Today we’re chatting it up about the chapters 19 – 27 of AT GRAVE’S END. This is not the sign-up post; however, we’d love for you to join us. You can find all the information on how to sign-up on the Night Huntress Read-a-Long Announcement Page.










Can you believe we are in the home stretch for this book???? OMG with so much WTFery going on it’s a wonder my head isn’t spinning of my neck. Bones…Love you! Juan…you rock! This week has been rough for both Heather and I. Heather’s had hardly no internet and I’ve been in and out of town (and on my way out of town again today…haha). So, the lovely AimeeKay is back for another guest discussion. And I think she does a phenomenal job of portraying everything I was feeling. *Nail on the Head* Thank you all for your continued participation and supporting the epicness that is CAT & Bones!





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Our Rambling Thoughts on Chapters 19 – 27:




Because I like this quote so much your’re getting it again… 🙂

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First thanks again for letting me stick my nose in and help with the discussion post! (Means I get to start readin’ sooner. OH YEAH!)


Ok so chapters 19-27! These chapters were a crazy roller coaster, let me tell you! I think if things hadn’t turned around by chapter 27 I would have had to keep reading until they did!

So to start! I can’t believe Juan is the next one that Bones turns! I love Juan; I think he is hysterical even though he is a massive flirt. But I can’t believe he was the next to get turned. I’m kinda glad though that Bones is going to have Tate reassigned. I liked Tate to begin with and now I just feel bad for him. Maybe getting away from Cat will help him get his head back on straight.

Love the movie theater scene. I think it was even funnier that there was some guy with a gun willing to take on Dracula. I love that they portray Vlad as a showboat, but that later you get to see he really has a heart.
AND THEN! OMG! Chapters 20 – 24 had me in tears! I mean yeah I even put in my notes: “Bones can sooo not be dead!” Logically I know he would somehow return. (Hello! There are more books in the series!) But still when Cat is told he died….OMG! Like so heart-wrenching! Especially when Mencheres says that he had a vision of Bones dying! I even put in my notes that Cat needed to find Patra and stab her through the heart. Repeatedly. Seriously was crying!

I think that maybe this was the wake-up call that Tate needed though. I mean she stabs him through the chest just for putting his arms around her. Maybe now he’ll finally get it that she loves Bones for Bones, not because he is a vampire or super strong or whatever. Also I think that it caused Annette to be loyal to Cat in a way that would never have come about otherwise. Cat helps Annette keep her sanity by reminding her that they can get revenge. Annette returns the favor by becoming the first of Bones’ line to swear allegiance to Cat. I mean all of Bones’ friends swear to stand by her one way or another, but Annette was the first of his line to do so and considering their issues that was a BIG step.

So who do you think betrayed Bones?????? I still think it is Tate. I mean maybe not, but he is a complete loony when it comes to Cat. So who knows what he’s really thinking. Actually that’s a really good point is that there are at least 3 people…er…vampires….who would be able to know what he’s thinking. Why hasn’t anybody just thought to have everyone put down their shields for a minute? The one who refuses is the criminal.


Also Justina won more brownie points with me this week with her statement:
“What a real bitch, Catherine. You should kill her.”

And I end this week right back where I started. I love Juan! He is hysterical. I’m glad he was turned, and I think he might give Bones a run for his money in the manwhore competition.

Also I have a secret to admit:
I giggle every time one of them says Wanker! It’s true I can’t help it! Thanks for letting me butt into the conversation again! I’m off to read more!!!!




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Bones dead … not dead … whoa there buddy. Oh and Juan a Vampire? I still don’t know how I feel about that one … heck …
Ok, so I kind of knew he couldn’t really be dead. This is a series after all, and he’s in the future books. If I had read this without knowing, I’m sure it would have been a major WTF moment. It doesn’t leave much for discussion though, because that’s what happened this week.
Bones dies. Cat freaks the heck out. Bones comes back, not really dead. Dun dun dun, there’s a traitor in the midst. Of an in-between all this, Vlad saves Cat and basically decides he’ll envy Bones because of her.
Creepy yet a bit flattering, but the words he says to her on the ledge. “Are you a human or a vampire?” or something along those lines. He makes the note, aloud, that I’ve been harping all along. She never embraces this vampire side of her unless she wants to kick some ass, but I think this will change. Cat says, “I’m a vampire.” She walks away instead of ending her life, insisting upon revenge before she could give herself over.
I’m wrapping it up here (I stopped at the beginning of 27) and I’ll see you next week with a far more enticing recap. I’ll also be catching up this weekend on last week’s recap. It’s been a very busy week for me and my internet keeps going out.






“Life. You could only make plans for it, not dictate orders to it.” (Cat Pg. 219)


“Your guns are female?” (Cat Pg. 235)



“Because, Cat, it’s the feminine persuasion that’s always the deadliest.” (Doc)




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Looooooot’s of questions this week! 😕

  1. Do you think Juan was a good choice for the next one to be turned? Why or why not?
  2. What do you think about Cat taking over Bones line?
  3. Also what do you think that letter said????
  4. Again who do you think betrayed them!?!?!?
  5. What do you think about why Patra has hated Mencheres for so long?
  6. What about when Patra told Cat the truth about her lover?
  7. What do you think about the relationship between Vlad and Cat? Would he become a powerful ally or would he turn into a problem?
  8. Also, and this one isn’t so much about the chapters but about Cat’s future. She doesn’t want to be a vampire. But slowly her friends on her team are becoming supernatural creatures one way or another. She keeps watching them change physically, but mentally they are still the same old guys. How long do you think ‘til she finally cracks and just says for Bones to turn her?
  9. What were your favorite quotes?
  10. What were your favorite scenes?


Remember you don’t have to answer all the questions. These are just some areas we found interesting while reading and thought they’d make a good point of reference if you aren’t sure what you’d like to discuss. #CatBonesRA on Twitter and Facebook!
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