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Night Huntress Series Read-a-Long Discussion #10: At Grave’s End Ch. 10 – 18

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Welcome to another Night Huntress Series Read-a-Long Discussion Post. Today we’re chatting it up about the chapters 10-18 of AT GRAVE’S END. This is not the sign-up post; however, we’d love for you to join us. You can find all the information on how to sign-up on the Night Huntress Read-a-Long Announcement Page.










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Our Rambling Thoughts on Chapters 10 – 18:




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Poor Tate! Sigh. I really like him, but he just can’t get a break. Don’t get me wrong, Bones and Cat Forever, but really he needs to get laid. But he’s made a lot of valid points about our Brit vampire, and while I do believe Bones does love Cat, it’s food for thought.

Yikes, so even at the party or orgy as Cat called it, we have vamps starting trouble. We learn quite quickly, who’s behind it all, but I was blown away to find out it’s the Grandsire’s wife. Not to mention that Bones shagged her too. Seriously, is there any female he hasn’t sunk his fangs into? Ugh manwhore!

But as fascinating as the Bones vs Tate vs Cat love triangle and the building of the war was … Nothing was more amusing and shocking as Justina and Rodney! OMFG “All hail the dragon slayer!” I was blown away, but it’s nice to see her loosen up some, and it continues to shine through when she shows up for Christmas dinner.

Yikes, Yikes so back to the war. Ian’s all chummy now, Spade flashes Cat, and Vlad the Impaler crashes the party (in a nice way). Lots went on, lots still to come, and poor, poor Tate’s getting shipped off after he almost shagged Cat. Not that Bones ever would have let it get that far.



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  1. What’s your reaction to Justina and Rodney?
  2. Do you think Tate had a valid point about Bones past?
  3. Do you trust Ian? Vlad?
  4. Do you think you could put up with having Bones know your every thought?
  5. All jokes aside, if you were Cat and faced with ex-fling after ex-fling, how would you deal with it?
  6. Do you think Bones will also be able to glimpse the future?
  7. What were your favorite quotes?
  8. What were your favorite scenes?


Remember you don’t have to answer all the questions. These are just some areas we found interesting while reading and thought they’d make a good point of reference if you aren’t sure what you’d like to discuss. #CatBonesRA on Twitter and Facebook!
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