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Night Huntress Series Read-a-Long Discussion #9: At Grave’s End Ch. 1 – 9

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Welcome to another Night Huntress Series Read-a-Long Discussion Post. Today we’re chatting it up about the first nine chapters of AT GRAVE’S END. This is not the sign-up post; however, we’d love for you to join us. You can find all the information on how to sign-up on the Night Huntress Read-a-Long Announcement Page.










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Our Rambling Thoughts on Chapters 1 – 9:




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H: At Grave’s End starts with a big bang that keeps escalating. I hated to stop reading after chapter nine, so I might as well make this write-up quick, and jump into next weeks reading. Yeah girls, it was that good. Plus, I can’t wait to see what kind of schmexy action Jeannie Frost cooked up for us.


D: I totally concur. At Grave’s End began with a BANG from the first sentence and didn’t let up. It was an EPIC struggle to stop myself at chapter 9. Oh, and I finally decided to go the audio route this time. Let’s just say…I’m LOVIN’ it!!!!!!!!




H: I really wanted to start with Justina’s transformation. Can you say shocking? Whoa, and even eating Rodney’s cooking AND staying with him? I love this side of mum and hope it sticks, or else I’ll go back to wanting Bones to rip her throat out. Not only do we see where Cat get’s her snarkiness from, but I like how she was all gung-ho over witnessing the torture. Oh and I loved how she came clean over the conception.


D: OMG I was just thanking my lucky stars that Justina was not around much for the end of One Foot In The Grave. But after seeing her this week, I want MORE. The less irritating, cocky, funny, I-Don’t-Give-A-Fu*K Justina is pretty freaking awesome. Like Heather said, this better stick or else I’m going to blow a gasket.




H: Tate … are there words for the decision he made? No, but out of the whole team, I had a feeling he’d be the only one wanting to change. I fear, as does Cat that he made the decision for the wrong reasons. Let’s be frank, it’s not like he’s in love with Annette or any other vampy biatch other than Cat. However, in his defense, I think in the end it will help the team. If he can keep his mouth shut.


D: Now, I have been a big Tate advocate since he first came into the picture. But I have to say, I was pretty upset with his decision to become a vampire. I think he only did it for Cat – either to protect her or to win her away from Bones. I am just not sure how I feel about all this just yet.




H: Annette … I see her in a new light this week. Perhaps, like Cat, I even hate her a little less after her speech. We all knew she said the nasty things and attacked Cat out of jealousy, but she was right this time. The way she delivered the words even showed that. No baring of fang, just two “not friends but not enemies” exchanging words.

Spade (Nice to see him again and I want more).

New vampy posse, awesome.

Max … crazy mother (insert bad word). I think Bones was right to not want Cat to witness the torture. Especially so soon after her own ordeal. It was a close call and I don’t think she would have handled the torture well at all. Granted Bones was more afraid of her judging him for the actions.


D: Annette didn’t piss me off this week so that’s a good thing. I did feel slight – slight – sympathy for her situation after she explained what happened between her and Bones. Max is a son-of-a-b**ch! That’s all I can say about that.




H: Bones … wow … Chapter Nine and the transfer of power. “Did you just call me a pig?” I rolled over laughing when he read Cat’s mind. I love mind reading supes, so it made my day. But I wonder if Bones will be able to read the future too. At the same time, one has to wonder if this unification in actuality starts the war. Lots of pissy vamps now, not that it takes much to tick one off.


D: I agree, mind readers are the ish. When he gained that new power, my initial reaction was holy shit. Bones is getting sexier and sexier as the series goes on, and this new power only made him more attractive and desirable. The whole freaking ceremony was crazy too. I love learning about the vampire, rules, ceremonies, hierarchies, and their overall species. I think Frost did an excellent job creating her world and making it believable. As if all this could really exist right under our noses. *wishing – wishing*




H: Cat much better this week. No rule breaking, but I wonder how well she’ll handle the sidelines as the story progresses. I also liked how she caught herself acting childish and actually opened her mouth. Instead of running or messing up plans, her and Bones actually worked through an issue using WORDS. **CLAPS** like a real couple.

Oh and YAY! Happy Engagement to Cat and Bones!


D: Yes, Cat did excellent this week. Using her words and letting Bones do what he needed to do without much argument. Way to go Cat you’re acting almost like a wife. Now, let’s see if they actually get married or if this engagement blows up in their faces!




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  1. What are your thoughts on the engagement?
  2. What do y’all think of Justina’s transformation? Do you think it’ll stick?
  3. What are your feelings towards Annette’s new attitude?
  4. Do you think Tate became a vampire for the wrong reasons?
  5. The alliance, thoughts on that and the future threat of war?
  6. Do you think Bones will also be able to glimpse the future?
  7. How do you feel about special powers? Do you think they weaken or strengthen the believability of supernaturals in books?
  8. What were your favorite quotes?
  9. What were your favorite scenes?


Remember you don’t have to answer all the questions. These are just some areas we found interesting while reading and thought they’d make a good point of reference if you aren’t sure what you’d like to discuss. #CatBonesRA on Twitter and Facebook!
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