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Fierce Reads Book Tour Recap and Signed Giveaway!

fierce reads books signing author photo

These ladies are Fierce!!!



As I sit down to write-up my final thoughts on the Fierce Reads book tour last weekend, I am still amazed – like OMG freaking amazed – by how truly AWESOME the authors are. I mean, it’s not every day you get to chat with your idols and they turn out to go above and beyond your expectations. On June 14, 2013 four amazeball authors; Jessica Brody, Gennifer Albin, Leigh Bardugo, and Anna Banks and special guest singer, Jessica Drake joined a few screaming fans at Quail Ridge Books & Music in Raleigh, North Carolina to answer some of our burning questions.


Jennifer and Diayll at the Fierce Reads Book Tour

My cousin/part-time reviewer Jennifer and I Before the Event

The authors made us laugh, and I mean hearty from deep within your gut laughter, so much it was hard to take a proper audio file or even snap a picture without my hand shaking. The ladies were so down to earth, it was as if we all (the fans) were just chatting with our silly BFF’s. There were several snarky comments tossed around and some embarrassing information revealed about Anna Banks, which you can hear in the sound bite below. All in all, it was one awesome adventure getting to know them, heck Leigh remembered me from Instagram. Ya girl almost fainted when she said she knew me!!!! *swoon*  I mean *EPIC SWOON*!!!!!! And after getting to know the rest of the Fierce Reads family, I feel as though my girl crushes have expanded. Each author brought a unique personality to the mix and we soaked it up like gravy on a biscuit. LOLzzz


The ladies were also gracious enough to pause for a couple of photo ops and to be in my video! So check it all out below and as a special treat…enter to win my SIGNED ARC of “Of Poseidon”, Fierce Reads Poster and two Bookmarks!



Oh and sorry for the sound at the beginning, it was all taken from my iPhone and I kinda got a little distracted. I was in  full on FANGIRL mode! Hehe





me in the fierce reads author line

Can you tell I was nervous?????



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In the Sound bites Below, Check Out How the Authors Came Up With the Ideas For Their Books and Anna Banks Embarrassing Moments:





And Here is the Awesome (except for the beginning sound) Fierce Reads Video!:

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Last But Not Least, The Giveaway!

1 Winner Will Receive a SIGNED ARC of “Of Poseidon”, Fierce Reads Poster and two Bookmarks

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Big thanks to all the ladies for being such good sports and more swag will be given away throughout the year!