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Night Huntress Series Read-a-Long Discussion #5: One Foot in The Grave Ch. 1-10

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Welcome to another Night Huntress Series Read-a-Long Discussion Post. Today we’re chatting it up about the first ten chapters of One Foot in The Grave. This is not the sign-up post; however, we’d love for you to join us. You can find all the information on how to sign-up on the Night Huntress Read-a-Long Announcement Page.










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Our Rambling Thoughts on Chapters 1 – 10:




H: Please excuse any typos. I’m writing this on my phone while my husband jumps our truck. With that said, wow four years later! Poor Bones, my poor, adorable, ruthless Bones!
So nothing terribly major has reared its ugly head. But we got a lot of information and met some mew characters. We did discover that there’s a bounty out on Cat, and her ex-douche bag, oh I mean boyfriend’s up to his usual antics.

D: I truly was SHOCKED that it’s FOUR years later!!! WTF? I think this had to be the biggest shocker because I just naturally assumed we’d get to see Cat as she tried to settle into her new life without this delicious Bones by her side. I have to give credit to Frost though for taking such a dramatic leap with the time span because it was awesome to see Cat really be her own person.

H: Cat has a real life friend, and now her new hubby is mighty interesting. I have it pegged that he’s half vampire or something else. I’m really looking forward to learning about him.
D: OMG she has a friend? This is another shocker I didn’t see coming. Cat has always been so closed off to other people and I am glad to see she’s making progress in that regard.

H: The new boyfriend seems nice, but we all know he’s not right for Cat. I’m just wondering if there’s something off about him. He keeps misreading the signs.
D: Her boyfriend seems nice, but Tate putting the moves on Cat…now that I might be able to get behind for a bit.

H: Bones’ mate was another interesting development, but it was so brief that I can’t say one way or another what his role will be. I’d like to think he’s a good guy though, since he wasn’t going to kill Cat until she staked him.
“Hallo kitten.” That put a huge smile on my face. I’m happy to have him back, but it puts Cat’s new life in jeopardy. Oh and WTH someone smack that mother already!
D: Drop everything Bones is back! Oh and in the Ladies Room of course. He always makes an entrance, but why did it take forever for him to come back? Bounty on Cat’s head? As if our girl didn’t have enough problems.



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Next Week: June 8 – 14: Chapters 11 – 20






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[heading style=”1″]Discussion


  1. Could you do what Cat did and leave everything behind, including the man/woman you love?
  2. Would you commit yourself to celibacy?
  3. What do you think about Cat’s tattoo?
  4. What are your thoughts on her encounter with Ian?
  5. What are your thoughts on the new boyfriend? Shady? Hunky? Another descriptive adjective?
  6. What about her job, would you be able to hunt vampires, knowing that you may stumble upon his path?
  7. What are your favorite quotes?
  8. What were your favorite scenes?


Remember you don’t have to answer all the questions. These are just some areas we found interesting while reading and thought they’d make a good point of reference if you aren’t sure what you’d like to discuss. #CatBonesRA
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