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Not the Way to Start a Blog

Today I found myself in a rather cruddy mood.  Being the avid perfectionist that I am, I never find enough hours in the day to accomplish all the little tasks that I assign myself.  Of course there are all the usual obstacles, the baby is sick, I am late for work, and my co-worker is getting on my last nerve.  Instead of checking items off my list I seem to add more and more as the day slowly comes to a close.

 How do I end up with way more than when I started?  There are never enough hours in the day to include the things I enjoy doing to balance out the things I have to do.  Like the hard workers that came before me and the ones that will come after, I have to just keep pushing.  And just like any other day…I will do what I can and what I can’t will just get done in the morning (if having dinner for breakfast is not bad for your health right)!

Stats For Today:

–  I created a Blog (YAY!!)
–  I read a few pages of FABLE: The Balverine Order by: Peter David
–  I did Not get to play any Xbox today
–  I wrote 1,500 words between yesterday and today

Not a bad day!!!