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Hello and welcome to Mother/Gamer/Writer, a blog dedicated to readers, writers, authors, gamers, and geeks of all kinds! We accept ads in the following genres: Books, Writing, Authors, Indie Authors, Publishing (Indie and Traditional), Gaming. What better way to capture the attention of thousands of visitors each week!

We offer 2 ways to purchase ad space/time. Purchasing through Blogads conveniently allows you to choose how many days you would like your ad to run, and easy customization of the ad content. To purchase through Blogads, clink on the link in one of our ad locations to be taken to Blogads to complete your purchase. Or to simply use Direct Purchasing of an ad space for 1 or 2 weeks for a flat rate in one of our various locations (see below), just use the FORM below and once approved, you will be given instructions to purchase your location through a secure PayPal transaction. To make sure space is available, we suggest always filling out the form below before making your purchase!


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Our Statistics:

  • Combined Subscriber Count:~400+ (Email, RSS, Networked, Linky)
  • Average Unique Visitors a Month: ~2,200
  • Website Grader: 85
  • Klout Score: 59
  • mozRank: 5
  • Twitter Followers: ~1,100+
  • Facebook Fans: ~920+
  • Friends on Goodreads: ~990+


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We Have The Following Ads Spaces Available Around The Blog:


  1. 125 x125px – located at the very top of the sidebar.
  2. 160 x100px – located in the sidebar, above Blog Tours.
  3. 160 x 200px – located in the sidebar, above Blog Tours.
  4. 160 x 600px – located in the sidebar, above Blog Tours.
  5. 320 x 250px – located on the sidebar.
  6. 200 x 400px – located within a post. (see special condition below)*
  7. 400 x 400px – Just like the 200 x 400 these ads are located within a post. (see special condition below)*
  8. 728 x 90px – located at the top of the entire site. Can be seen when viewing anything within the site.


*Classic Adverpost 200 x 400 have a flat rate of $8 while the 400 x 400 ads are one flat rate of $13. These banners will remain on the site indefinitely. One benefit to this option is that since the advertisement will be within a post, they will also appear within my RSS feed and Newsletter immediately after the post is published. The banner will not be deleted from the post unless it is requested. On average, I run 5 news posts per week. A banner may be used in multiple news posts, but can only be scheduled to occur once every 5 posts. Each additional placement will be $5 (i.e. 1 post = $8, 2 posts = $13, 3 posts = $18). These ads can only be purchased via Flate Rate Pay Pal transactions, after ads are approved.*


FLAT Rate Pricing: (Discounts applied for long term advertising)

125×125 1 Week = $8.00 USD
125×125 2 Weeks = $13.00 USD
160×200 1 Week= $10.00 USD
160×200 2 Weeks = $15.00 USD
160×600 1 Week = $15.00 USD
160×600 2 Weeks = $25.00 USD
300×250 1 Week = $15.00 USD
300×250 2 Weeks = $25.00 USD
200×400 in Post = $8.00 USD
400×400 in Post = $13.00 USD
728×90 2 Weeks = $18.00 USD
728×90 4 Weeks = $32.00 USD
Feel free to contact site owner Diayll at for promotions, coupons, and general questions!


Please Note: If current ad space is taken, interested parties will be placed on a wait list (wait list time frame will be given at time of inquiry). Payment will be suspended until ad space is available. Content for advertisement (images and links) must be provided to us if you are purchasing directly through PayPal. We reserve the right to accept, reject, remove and cancel any ad content. M/G/W is hosted by HostGator, we do not control their servers therefore we will not offer refunds should their serves temporarily go down.






Please Fill Out This Form Before Making Your Purchase:






Thank you and we look forward to working with you!



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